Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The topic regarding Ngo Kien Huy being a father has caused quite a stir amongst netizens, especially "Bap" fans (NKH's fanclub). He has admitted to having a son with Thụy Anh (Thanh Thảo's sister). Ngo Kien Huy shared with an online magazine that he and Thuy Anh have no feelings towards each other and that the pregnancy was an unexpected one. Because of that, when he learned of Thuy Anh's pregnancy, he decided to remain quiet about the situation.

He only admitted that baby Minh Trí is his son after having a DNA test. He shared that he will be responsible for the baby and that he will have a chat with Thuy Anh to find solutions for this situation.

 Baby Minh Tri.

In interviews with newspapers, Ngo Kien Huy has always referred to Thuy Anh as "chi/older sister" when asked about her. (She is older than him by four years.) The news about him fathering a child with her surfaced not long after he admitted to being in a relationship with Khong Tu Quynh

With all the confusions and frustrations, Thanh Thao decided to speak up about the mess surrounding Ngo Kien Huy and her sister. Below are some questions answered by her.

Q: "You've made a statement that you don't want to say anything regarding the situation with Ngo Kien Huy. Why do you want to speak up now?"

A: "I've ought to keep my silence and not say a word to any newspaper regarding the situation; however, the situation is very pressing now. I've already announced that no one should do anything to offend my sister which will affect my future nephew. If a person does something to hurt my family, then I will be like a porcupine to protect them. Why is it that Ngo Kien Huy is speaking to the press irresponsibly and offensively about my sister?

Right now, my sister is in the hospital because of severe shock and is crying in pain. It is hurting my heart, which is why I cannot remain silent anymore. Honestly, for a while, I have not specify the reason why I did not continue to collaborate with Ngo Kien Huy. It's because I wanted to protect my sister, and learn from this sticky mess. I don't want to have more scandals with him. I've agreed to suffer a loss, using 60% of my stock from Music Box Entertainment when I recruited him to be my "student." Now, I will have to spend billions (in VND) to promote him again after the situation dies down. This is what I've been trying to keep a secret. I want to help him because he is the father of my nephew."

Thanh Thao shared that when her sister found out she was pregnant, she was afraid to tell her family and cried silently by herself. Because she loves her sister, Thao did not want to scold her. Instead, she told her to carefully examine the situation and come to a conclusion that she would not regret. Thao has repeatedly told Ngo Kien Huy that she doesn't want him to see her sister to avoid scandals. During the time that Ngo Kien Huy wanted to join her new company, Thuy Anh  was the only one who cared for him by managing his show schedules and doing him many favors.

 These are messages claimed to be sent from Ngo Kien Huy to Thuy Anh that has shocked netizens. (It's in Vietnamese slang, so it's hard to translate.) In addition, Ngo Kien Huy has sent messages telling Thuy Anh to do ruthless things to the baby (I'm guessing the article is referring to abortion?).

Thanh Thao expressed her deep disappointment with Ngo Kien Huy. When her sister was giving birth, he was chatting up with the press telling them about the affair and admitting to having a baby.

She was also asked: "Does Ngo Kien Huy's request for a DNA test mean that he wants to make sure the baby is his before taking responsibility?"

A: "I object the action of having a DNA test because whether a man has done something, he should know. His request for a DNA test before he takes responsibility is offensive to my sister's dignity. I am always proud of my sister's dignity and ethics. His family has hurt a mother who has just given birth and needs to be in good health. Since my sister was pregnant until now, he and his family has yet to visit her. Until they cannot deny the news anymore, they sent me messages saying they will provide for the baby. Right now, my nephew is like my own son. I love him and I am taking care of him; I want him to have a complete life. A lot of singers have taken interest in becoming his godfather, and he is living in a family-loving environment. Because of that, I don't need Ngo Kien Huy to confirm and admit responsibility to the press."

Thanh Thao visiting her sister in a hospital on 3/4/12.

Q: "If that's the case, with your role as an older sister and godmother to baby Minh Tri, what do you want Ngo Kien Huy to do?"

A: "My request is for him to stop making statements that will continue to hurt my sister and nephew. Everything needs to end here- making regressive statements will just hurt the innocent baby. My sister has already dealt with many frustrations and humiliation, please let them be peaceful."

After releasing his statements to the press about having a child out of wedlock and that there was nothing between him and Thuy Anh, Ngo Kien Huy's parents were admitted to the hospital due to severe shock. According to several sources, Thuy Anh is now stabilized and has calmed down.

This article was partially translated from: http://kenh14.vn/c102/20120404111035767/thanh-thao-ke-lai-toan-bo-scandal-gay-soc-cua-ngo-kien-huy.chn
(I only translated the parts I thought were more important.)

So what do you think of this piece of news? I'm quite shocked actually. A lot of Bap fans were disappointed and turned off by the situation.


  1. Shocking indeed. I didn't see that one coming. I can't believe that NKH did that. The baby is cute but I do understand that once you're a star this kind of news will hurt your status in showbiz. I don't know how he will maintain his fanclub and activities after this news. :/ Good luck NKH. I believe Thuy Anh doesn't deserved that and after she gave birth too! It's good that she's better now. I hope they both will work out a good solution for the baby. :)

  2. I was so shock when I heard this news.

  3. This came as a shock for me, too. I'm sure it'll be hard to recover from this news because people are already making bad comments about him on his Youtube videos.

  4. NKH that toi nghiep. dep trai the co ma`

  5. NKH toi nghiep that. dep trai ma bi du