Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Uyen Linh...Slapped by Van Mai Huong's Manager!

Rumor has it that Vietnam's Idol 2011 Uyen Linh was slapped by Van Mai Huong's manager "U" at a Tet rehearsal roughly 20 days ago. 

Want to know the reason behind this?? Please continue to read.. :)

Apparently Uyen Linh has been caught in a scandal with a guitarist at "WE" lounge-Dũng Đà Lạt who happens to be Van Mai Huong's manager's husband!

Dũng Đà Lạt

A Vietnamese's blogger claimed to have recorded the moment when Uyen Linh got slapped and said "he" will publicize it when it's needed (?) Sounds like total BS to me!

Van Mai Huong and manager

Uyen Linh's manager was contacted shortly after the incident but refused to talk about this matter.  Honestly, I think this is total BS.  Someone just got a nasty heart and wanted to spread rumors about Uyen Linh.  Anyways, we'll see how the story unfolds soon!

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  1. I think it can be true and wouldn't be surprised if it really did happen. She has a lot of scandals, and many people say she's very b****y!