Monday, October 17, 2011

The Best of Friends in Viet Showbiz

         Good friends are hard to find, especially for celebrities.  Showbiz is a complicated world, there are people who come and go, people who have hidden motives, people who use one another to be famous.  But besides all those negative connotations, good friendships do exist.  Let's start with the first pair!

Quang Vinh & Ly Quy Khanh

We all know Quang Vinh as a singer, well what does his bestfriend do?  Ly Quy Khanh is an interior designer, a fashion designer, and a businessman.  People sometimes mistaken Ly Quy Khanh as Quang Vinh's assistant since the two are together quite often! 

Hoai Linh & Dam Vinh Hung

It's no surprised that these two big stars are the best of friends.  They appear together many times, not only on stage but also off stage.  They are so close to the point that Hoai Linh's parents have taken Dam Vinh Hung as their godson! Not only that, Dam Vinh Hung is also Hoai Linh's younger brother's (Duong Trieu Vu) mentor.  

Ho Ngoc Ha & Thanh Hang (My favorite pair!)

Although one is a famous singer and one is a supermodel, they both started out as models.  Most people won't think that they're best friends since they don't usually work together; however, they often go shopping and travel together.  

Le Hieu & Lee Nguyen

Le Hieu is a big soccer fan therefore most of his friends are soccer players.  He is especially close with the Vietnamese American soccer player-Lee Nguyen.  The two often party together and Le Hieu also shares many of their pictures on his Facebook!  (Lee Nguyen is a cutie isn't he?? :P)

Last but not least Jennifer Pham & Lan Huong

We already know who Jennifer Pham is, but who is Lan Huong?  Well, being so gorgeous, of course she is a supermodel.  The two became close after starring in a movie together.  Although they haven't known each other for that long, but the two always hang out at events and go shopping together.

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