Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is Ho Ngoc Ha's "Invincible" Convincable?

As mentioned sometime last week, Ho Ngoc Ha has a new MV out and it was officially released on October 17, 2011.  Some of you might have seen it on Youtube already, and if you haven't, here's the MV:

What was your first impression after seeing this MV? Honestly, after all the hype from the MV promotion, I had higher expectation. I mean, the graphic is great and all and Ho Ngoc Ha looks stunning even though she's an alien.  However; the storyline just didn't make much sense to me, and maybe it's not supposed to make sense?  Maybe it was just supposed to be a "cool" video with awesome high-tech graphics?  If that was the purpose, then yes, Ho Ngoc Ha had successfully done that since there aren't that many MVs such as this one in the Viet Pop Industry.  

I know Ho Ngoc Ha is a great dancer and she does practice very hard on her dancing, but I just thought the choreography for this song in this MV in particular is not very appealing to me.  Thought they (HNH & Hoang Thong Dance Team) did a better job in the choreography on stage. 

Here are some pictures from the press release of the Album:

(HNH with MC Nguyen Khang)
(HNH and V.Music)

(HNH with her parents)

(Huge bouquet from her baby's daddy-Cuong Dollar)
(Cuong "Do-La" and Song writter Nguyen Hong Thuan)

Rating (From my perspective) 0-10:
Song: 7
Choreography: 5
Quality of MV: 9
Concept: 8 (Having good concept)
Concept Execution: 5 (Couldn't deliver the concept)
Outfit/Makeup: 10 (She's beautiful!!)

Let me know your view on it :)


  1. Was disappointed with the music video as well. When I heard it was going to be an upbeat one, I was so happy!" It's going to be as good as MY APLOGIES"

    However after watching it, I was left confused nor did I find the song catchy enough. The only thing I can give a thumbs up is makeup, and that it was nice to see a high quality music video. A 5/10 for me.

  2. yea this one is nowhere near My Apologies.. the song is not even catchy enough.