Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Happens When The Most Popular Idol...Isn't So Popular Anymore?

Vietnam's Idol 2011 Uyen Linh had disappeared for awhile after the show ended, everyone has been wondering what she's been up to with her life.

Well, she hasn't done much lately in terms of music which is kinda a big disappointment for me.  I was rooting for her throughout the contest because her voice is just--simple amazing!
Oh do you guys remember this song?
I was seriously watching this clip at least twice a day ^^ And I still watch it.  Anyways, we all know that she totally deserved the Vietnam Idol title, but let's compare Uyen Linh to her tough competitor Van Mai Huong.

After the contest, news about Van Mai Huong was scattered everywhere...and I do mean everywhere!  Van Mai Huong is a very talented girl--being 17 years old and has such a great voice.  She's been in a few commercials after the contest, she also became a spokesperson for Coca-Cola. 

Her new song "Neu Nhu Anh Den" became a big hit!

Uyen Linh recently released a music video also, one that her fans have been waiting for.  Let's take a look!
"Giac Mo Toi"
Since this is Uyen Linh's first MV ever since winning the Vietnam's Idol title, I expected it to be a lot a lot a lot better than this. I'm not even talking about her vocal because it's amazing regardless...I'm focusing on the quality of the video and the song she chose.  Yes, this song has great meanings to it but in my opinion...it didn't catch my attention at all.  I wouldn't listen to it again is what I'm trying to say.  And being Vietnam's Idol, you would think that she would be able to produce a highly invested and better quality music video right?  

I remember not too long ago...I ran across Uyen Linh's Facebook page and one of her statuses said something along the line of "It's not about how good of a singer you are...It's about who you know and how much you're willing to spend to put yourself out there" (Please don't quote me, I don't remember what she said word for word but that's generally the idea)  

Bottom line, Uyen Linh is probably right...In the Viet Music Industry, it's really about who you know and how much money you have...Hence, "money=power"! I do agree with that theory in a way; however, being as young as she is (22-23 yrs old), Uyen Linh should perhaps target towards a younger audience by singing more catchy songs and invest more into her MV? 

What's your input on this??


  1. I agree with you about the more effort into young audience and catchy songs. However, money is power, that's why lots of artists out there in VN that are said to be singers but aren't that popular or known. Some don't even have good vocals or just don't put enough effort in singing original songs rather covering other people's songs, mostly Kpop ones, thinking they can become a hit like Bao Thy did with 10 Minute cover. Has anyone notice that none of our girl groups or boy groups has reach the same level (vocally AND choreographically appealing) like the Kpop ones? I've noticed recently that definitely Thailand is stepping up their games when it comes to music (I.e. Kamikaze)? I can feel the next Asian wave could be them. :) I like 365 and all but in comparison to K-Otic right now they need a pro choreography and even catchier mind blowing song. I'm hoping to have a 365 wave soon in VN or something. Lolz. They need to be VietNam's hottest craze or another boy or girl group. This is my opinion so stellaris fans please don't bash your fellow member. :)

  2. P.S.: To admin: Is it ok if we comment long long long comments? I tend to rant A LOT! :D Lolz. Sorry and please do keep up the good work! Is it me or do I feel like I'm the only stalker of this blog Lolz. I would love to spread the words about this blog, but I don't have any online friends. Lolz. I will try to post about this blog at my blog, but I only have one follower. :(

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  4. hmmm this is weird.. I tried posting but it disappeared. Anyways, here's my comment again ^^

    Chuonie: Of course you can post long long long comments. We're here to share our thoughts and opinions :) Free your mind! And thank you for sharing this blog, I know we don't have many followers for now but let's stay positive :)

    Back to your other comment, I totally agree with you. Actually, I ran across this article which talks about why Vpop cannot expand and be as big as Kpop and it made a lot of sense. I'm planning to post that article up on this blog sometimes soon ^^