Saturday, October 15, 2011

Singer Thu Thuy going through excruciating pain!

I have been such a huge fan of singer Thu Thuy ever since I was little. I grew up listening to her music and have watched her progressed so much from being in the band May Trang, to joining the band H.A.T, and now singing independently. Her music is always so unique and the videos are always great.
But with her new single coming out, I am afraid she is working way too hard and she seems to be losing way too much weight! Looking at her really hurts!
Followed by her soon to be released single Rieng Minh Toi, singer Thu Thuy shared a video clip recording the entire process of making the this single.

In this video clip, fans will get to witness the recording process in Ha Noi under songwriter Luu Thien Huong's guidance. Along with that, Thu Thuy spent a lot of time and effort learning the dance moves for her song "Rieng Minh Toi" with dance team Buoc Nhay. During the dance rehearsals, Thu Thuy was injured countless times.

Even when they were getting ready to record her music video and doing photoshoots for the single, the excruciating pain in the foot crawled its way back--making it impossible for Thu Thuy to work. However, since everything was already planned out with specific schedules, Thu Thuy had to bite her teeth and endure the pain.

|Video clip of Thu Thuy as she is showing her fans the process of the recording, music video, act. Clip source: Kenh14|

Thu Thuy shared: "These injuries hurt really badly, but seeing the good outcomes of the products really make Thuy happy. This is the product that Thuy has worked really hard for so I hope it will satisfy everyone".

She looks almost unrecognizable to me! She has gotten so thin. What do you guys think?

Wishing her lots of lucks & time to rest up!

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