Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ho Ngoc Ha's New MV-Invincible

Once again, Ho Ngoc Ha wows her fans with an upcoming MV-Invincible.  As far as I know, Ho Ngoc Ha's MVs are always highly invested and this time is no different.  "Invincible" is one of the songs in her new Album "Se Mai Ben Nhau"which will be released on 10/17/2011.  It is said that this MV is by far the most invested MV in terms of money and concept.

                                                                               (Pictures from

Boy look at this Lamborghini! 

(Pictures from

In order for this MV to be completed, Ho Ngoc Ha flew to the US and worked with a talented Vietnamese-American director Danny Do.   Here is the quick trailer of the MV:

Can you guess what the MV is going to be about? It looks darn cool right? Well let's see what she has to say about this MV in this "behind the scene" clip below:

And here is Ho Ngoc Ha performing her new song-Invincible in the show called "Sieu Mau 2011" (Top Model 2011?) 

Boy am I excited to see this MV, I know it will be a good one :)

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