Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Charlie-Johnny's New Collab "Cuoi Ngay Keo Lo"

           Charlie Nguyen's recent movie "Long Ruoi" hit theater not long ago and it was a big hit! (gained 2 million USD in revenue).  I was in Vietnam at the time and had the chance to watch the movie myself and let me tell you, that movie was worth every penny!  I actually went to see it twice o.O
          I'm not sure when the DVD will be released yet, while waiting here is the trailer for those of you who are curious:

(I will let you know as soon as the DVD is released or when it airs in America)

After a big success of the comedy "Long Ruoi", Charlie is on the go for another comedy/romance movie which will begin shooting on the 20th of November (2011).  The male lead for this movie is no stranger, it's Johnny Tri Nguyen.  The other casts are still kept a secret until the concept of the movie is set and stone.

       "Cuoi Ngay Keo Lo" plays around the love life of a young girl, who is faced with many decisions ahead of her.  Just like everyone else, she is constantly looking for true love.  How is she going to her true love when she is faced with many temptations on the way?    The movie will include many comical and surprising scenes so stay tuned!

      I know we are all very anxious for the movie to begin filming, and I hope this movie will be as great as Charlie's previous movies.  The movie will be released sometime late April of 2012 (Such a long time from now :( )

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