Thursday, October 27, 2011

The New-Old Face In The Vpop World-Anna Truong! Wait..Who??

Yep, just as the title suggested, we have a new but old face in the Viet music Industry--Anna Truong.

Doesn't she remind you of someone? Perhaps someone who is a very famous Viet singer??  Yup, you've guessed it! She is My Linh's daughter!  For those who are fans of My Linh, you probably know or heard of Anna.  

But wait...My Linh is not Anna's biological mother, she's actually her step-mother.  Don't worry, the two are super close you can't even tell they're not biological.  Although I do want to point out that they look quite alike, don't they?  

Anna is the oldest child of the couple Anh Quan-My Linh. Her biological mother is German which explains why she has the European look to her.  She is currently 17 years old and she can speak up to 4 languages!  English, French, German, and of course Vietnamese.  

(Anna's class)

Besides going to school, she also takes vocal, piano, and dance lessons.  Anna dreams of being a singer ever since she was young, and now she's actually making that dream reality.  

Here is Anna's first music project- Tuoi 16 written by Anna and her father Anh Quan

 I quite like this music video, the quality is good and it feels complete to me.  Her voice is very pure and clear.  I was satisfied after watching the MV, great job Anna

Also check out the live performance of the song!

Although she does have an advantage of having a famous mom, but I gotta admit she does have star quality.  So, what do you guys think of Anna Truong?  Do you think she will make in the Vpop World? ^^


  1. Yes! She's totally set for stardom. Glad to see new singers with a more contempory style of music. I adore her blue outfit as well.

  2. Didn't know that My Linh had an adopted daughter! Anna is pretty and cte but truthfully she sounds better in English than in Viet. There's always room for improvement. I wish her the best in the Vpop world! :)

  3. shes pretty but she gotta work on her voice more :) good luck to her!!