Monday, October 24, 2011

Thu Thuy's Big Come Back "Rieng Minh Toi"

I have been anxiously waiting for Thu Thuy's "Rieng Minh Toi" MV after seeing the cool trailer.  It was finally released today and I couldn't wait to show you guys ^^ From what I know, Thu Thuy flew all the way to Ha Noi to work on this song with song writer Luu Thien Huong.  She is a very dedicated singer and she only wants to release her best works.  Here is the video, enjoy! :)

I really like this video, especially her makeup.  She does look a bit scary but this look is very unique.  I noticed that she lost weight but overall I think she looks very pretty in here.  Although I do like the video, I gotta say that I'm not very impressed with the song.  It's not catchy enough for me.  Plus I think Thu Thuy only sounds good in those pop ballad songs, leave this type of music to Hoang Thuy Linh ^^ 

Here are some of Thu Thuy's new pictures:

Let me know what you think of this video as well as the song, I would love to hear your feedbacks :)


  1. Truthfully, I didn't like the song at all. Her outfit is okay, but the eyebrows are a bit weird in my opinion. The makeup was good. I like her outfits. To me, this is not her best song. I really like her Love Love Love song and the Think Of You, and my favorite song of all her collab is Anh Tin Minh Da Cho Nhau Mot Khi Niem with Luong Bang Quang! :)

  2. Typo. I meant Ky not Khi. Lolz. Is it me or there isn't any new songs that actually sounds good and catchy? Our choreagraphy is still underdeveloped. I mean we have lots of good dance groups out there like Scared and Siren, Big South, Big Toe, Halley Crew, and those Viet Americans who teaches dance classes(can't remember name at top of head T-T) should help the artists with their choreo. That would be interestng, especially looking at the finished results. Like Ho Ngoc Ha's Invincible song is a disappointment for me. I still love her My Apology over that new song and her dance(tho it could be an in issue if we emphasis tha dance. Lolz) I'm still waiting for Bao Thy's comeback song and Dong Nhi's comeback! I'm hoping I'm not disappointed!!! :D I'm still looking for that catchy sweep the nation Vpop song. Maybe in the near future? Sorry for the ranting! :D

  3. @Chuonie

    I agree, I'm not too impressed with the latest comebacks. It's not that exciting to me. I'm really anticipating Bao Thy's comeback. I love her voice! It's sad that there are a lot of dislikes already on her video teaser. Dong Nhi made a comeback. I love her song “Den ben mua” with Suboi and “Cho em mot lan yeu.” The rest of the songs on her album is not catchy to me.

  4. She looks like a lovely lady, but her voice I'm not fond of - it's quite deep like Ho Ngoc Ha... but something else about her voice is making me not fancy it. Is this deep sort of singing voice common in Vietnam? So Far Bao Thy's ''Right Now'' has been the best so far along with Ho Ngoc Ha's ''My Apologies''.

  5. yea I agree with you guys! there hasn't been any good viet songs lately unfortunately :(:( Even Dong Nhi's new songs are not that catchy..I mean they're good but they're not like her old songs.

    @the comment above: ahhahah yea they love those deep voice in vietnam. Usually people who took singing lessons end up with those deep voice! I prefer the softer voice though.

  6. lol when I first heard ''My Aplogies'' on Australian SBS Radio, I seriously though it was a male singer ... only to find out it was Ho Ngoc Ha. Really hope this deep voice phase runs out soon, as its putting off the youngsters who might like Vpop. The Deep voice for me attracts the grown ups (aka the paris by night parents). Lets limit the deep voice to just Ho Ngoc Ha... and to everyone else soft voice peoples! haha