Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Bunch Of Viet Stars Together = A HOT PARTY!

Last night, there were many many many hot Viet Stars present at "Star of The Year", an event hosted by a tabloid.  Everyone looked super pretty so I just wanted to share these pictures with you guys :)

Let's start with the top 3 girls from Vietnam's Next Top Model 2011

Tra My, Hoang Thuy, Le Thuy

Tang Thanh Ha (miss her!!)

Thuy Tien (Her face looks ghostly white in here -.-)

Thanh Hang (very cute smile ^^)

Linh Nga (don't know her, but she's semi-pretty ^^)

Tuong Vy (simple yet cute)

Thuy Dung, Mai Phuong Thuy, Hoang Yen, Thu Hang (the "long legs" girls)

Truc Diem (rockin' the gold)

Truong Ngoc Anh & Hubby

Midu & Thu Thuy (Thu Thuy looks a bit old and tired here but I do like her dress)

Ngoc Trinh (I think her eyebrows are too thick)

Van Trang (I think she looks a bit old for being 22?)

Viet Trinh (She's super pretty! My mom showed me a pic of her when she was young-BEAU-TI-FUL)

Dai Nhan 

Ha Anh

Sam, Tam Tit, Kelly (the "hot" girls)

Jennifer Pham (one word:beautiful!)

365 & Mi-A (AHHHHHH, I wish I was Mi-A :/ )

Tu Vi (New singer at Early Risers)

Leu Phuong Anh (oh no, seems like she's been losing weight!)

Dam Vinh Hunh (never really liked him...he wins at every award show..weird(?))

Yen Trang & Yen Nhi (...the sisters)

Thanh Thuy & Duc Thinh (what a happy family)

Mai Phuong Thuy, Diem Huong & Hoang Yen

Phuong Thanh & Dai Nghia

The supermodels (boy I would hate to stand next to them lol)

Nam Cuong (nice aodai?)

Alright, that's it for now :) Enjoy!


  1. LOL! This seems like such a fun party.
    I wish I were MI-A, too. *jealous*
    I would hate to stand next to the supermodels, too. I wonder why Ha anh vu wasn't in the pic w/them though.
    Vietnamese women are simply beautiful. I think if Ho Ngoc Ha, Minh Hang, and much more were there, this party would be even more hot.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. WOW~~~~ Wish I was there too! ;*( Everyone is looking good! :3 MiA is sure lucky standing next to 365! Who's that standing in between Isaac and ST??? The models are sure tall tall! I agree, Dam Vinh Hung has lots of winnings that it's weird...maybe he has a humongous fan base? Lolz. Aw at Thanh Thuy and her little boy.
    P.S.: I LOVE the TET layout! Great job Admin! <3 Please keep updating! Thank you so much! :D)