Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ho Ngoc Ha's Collaboration with Thanh Hang & Minh Hang

Ho Ngoc Ha & V.Music recently released a Tet album "Ngay Tet Que Em" with the total of 8 Tet songs.  Out of the 8 songs, "Ngay Tet Que Em" was a collaboration of Ho Ngoc Ha with Thanh Hang, Minh Hang, Diem Huong, Tieu Chau Nhu Quynh, Nguyen Hong Thuan, V.Music, Nguyen Hoang Duy.

This song will be made into an MV in the celebration of Tet, which will be released very soon.  But for now, let's just listen to the audio, shall we?

This song successfully got me into the spirit of Tet. I love Tet and I especially love all the Tet songs.  I really wish I have a chance to enjoy Tet in Vietnam sometime in the future ^^

This album marks the end of V.Music Version 1.  Ho Ngoc Ha shared that starting next year, V.Music will have some changes regarding the members of the group :(

Below are pictures of some of the singers participating in "Ngay Tet Que Em"

P.S. I'm super stoked for Tet! Can't wait to get Li Xi :p


  1. Get wait for Tet too!!!!!! Love the Tet songs! My ultimate fav is Ngay Tet Que Em and Mua Xuan Oi. :)

  2. My favorite version of "Ngay tet que em" is by May Trang, but this version is very good as well.
    I have too many favorite Tet songs.
    I can't wait for Tet either. <3

  3. same here, Ngay tet que em is my favorite tet song. I've been listening to it ever since I was a kid :) AHHH i wish I was in VN for tet >.<