Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hot Girls in Hot Aodais!

I never really liked Aodais growing up; I mean, I always thought they were super cute but never thought I'd look good in them.  Well, that changed when  I went back to Vietnam and tried on some beautiful aodais.  The magical thing about wearing an aodai is that... no matter how you look, how tall you are, or how your body size is... wearing an aodai just brings a sense of elegance and gentleness to you.  And I especially think that Vietnamese women look soooo beautiful in an aodai!  I just ran into these photos of the Vietnamese hot girls in very modern yet beautiful aodais, and I wanted to share with you guys!

Model: SamKellyLou TrầnHải QuyênHoàng Oanh, Trà My, Hoàng Thùy

Don't you wish you have an ao dai now that you see these beautiful girls in these beautiful ao dais?? I'm gonna go try on my ao dais now :p Oh yea, I totally think girls who are "meatier" look cuter in an aodai :)


  1. Ooh. The girls look so beautiful in the ao dai! I did bought 2 ao dai similar to the modern ao dai that goes with jeans or kaki pants. Mine weren't that pretty or colorful though since my aunt had them handmade in two days and the shop didn't have the fabric that I like. I'm picky...Lolz... would love to buy some of the above ao dais. They are all so so beautiful!!! :3

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