Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chuc Mung Nam Moi from Vietpopworld! & A Few Thoughts From Us

CHUC MUNG NAM MOI VIETPOPPERS :) Let me try this in Vietnamese

Vietpopworld xin chúc cho tất cả các bạn một năm mới vui vẻ, khoẻ mạnh, học hành thật giỏi, và một năm nhiều may mắn & hạnh phúc. Oh yea, Và được thật nhiều tiền lì xì!!!!:) I know that didn't flow as well as I would like it to, but hey, that's about all the wishes I know how to say in Vietnamese :p

Now, I want to talk a little bit about why we haven't been posting much lately.  There are a few different reasons for this:
1) We've been super duper busy with school and work and it's just impossible to find time to search through the Viet Showbiz sites to select articles to write about.  Well, unless we don't sleep -.-

2) This is actually a bigger problem than the first.  As I skim through the different Vietnamese entertainment websites, I notice one thing, and it's been frustrating me for awhile now...THERE'S WAY MORE NEWS ABOUT KPOP THAN THERE IS FOR VPOP! I mean, what the heck? For heaven's sake! These websites are Vietnamese sites, not Korean sites! It's already hard to dig through sites to find interesting things that people want to read about...and now it's even harder because Vpop news are so limited!

Just go to one of the sites, let's say and you'll notice that almost everything on there involves Kpop.  I'll be fair and say that yes, there are quite a few things about Vpop but those things are just not that interesting or relevant for our purposes.

So now, what are the problems we're facing? here are some assumptions:
1) Vpop news are just not as interesting hence those sites don't post much about it
2) Vpop stars aren't doing that many projects for those sites to talk about
3) Vpop showbiz doesn't have that much dramas
4) Vietnam's paparazzis are not doing their jobs
5) Vietnamese readers aren't that into Vpop news
6) Vietnamese readers care wayyy more about Kpop compared to Vpop
7) The list goes on and on....!!

I can honestly flip through a US tabloid and find so many interesting things in there...but I can't do that with a Vietnamese entertainment site/magazine.

This is sad...very sad actually! Until one of the problems listed above is fixed, it's hard for us to update you guys since we don't want to post about things that are not that interesting.  We want our readers to find something amusing or interesting in every post that we post.  We want our posts to have a lot of content.  What I'm trying to say here is... we value quality over quantity. 

Anyways, this is just a lil observation that I wanted to share with you guys.  We will still update and post whenever we see something interesting because we want everyone to be up-to-date with the Viet showbiz. 

Please let us know your opinions on the matters that I pointed out in this post, or just let us know your preferences in regards to what you would like to read about when you come to this blog.  I would hate to see Vpop die out one day since Kpop is gradually taking over.  :(




  1. Chúc mừng năm mới cả nhà nhé. Mình xin chúc mọi người một năm mới vui vẻ, mạnh khoẻ, muốn gì được nấy, và tiền vô như nước. Chúc Vietpopworld ngày càng nhiều readers. :)

    Just take your time and focus on school. I go on Vsao and Zing and I’ve noticed they post about Kpop a lot too. It’s quite annoying. I think it’s fine if they post about Kpop, but can’t they have a different section for it? I visit Zing everyday (it’s my homepage) and I see Kpop news as often as Vpop news on their main page.
    I guess it’s “understandable” because Vpop stars are pretty much on a hiatus right now. Honestly, I’m just happy to visit this page and find a new post, regardless of what you guys post about.

  2. Chuc mung nam moi ca nha VietPopWorld! Chuc cac Admin va khang gia VietPopWorld duoc vui ve, cang ngay cang noi tieng, vang su nhu y, sieu suc khoe, tien day tui, va tim day tinh. :) Tried my best on this one. Lolz.

    I visit Zing daily and do notice that there is always a news about Kpop or Cpop in one of their news sections. Same goes with I agree with all the listed assumptions as they are true facts about our Vpop Ent. Kpop is spreading fast globally. Now, if our Vpop can do the same, that would be interesting to see. School is important. I can wait for your updates. :)

    Please do keep updating! I don't mind knowing more about Vpop even if it's not one of my favorite stars/artists. I mean if I don't like it or find it interesting, someone will. I'll still keep supporting VietPopWorld!!!! :)) Thanks for the update! <3

  3. When I go to these Vietnamese sites, like Kenh14, all they talk about is Kpop, it's annoying, makes me not want to visit the site! Update on new GOOD songs! Every once in a while you guys should post a bunch of songs that you find worth the listen, especially underground music or pictures of artists! Happy New Years everyone!

  4. thank you everyone for your feedbacks!! we really appreciate the support :) <3 <3 <3