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Vpop stars' comeback for 2012

Many singers have been on a hiatus because of Vietnamese New Year. But now it's back to work! The following are upcoming albums/singles for the beginning of this year.

1. Nam Cuong- Album "I have a dream"
 "I have a dream" will be Nam Cuong's 4th vol. album. It will be released on February 7th. The audience will see a side of the singer that is more mature, masculine, and more inclined to dancing.

Nam Cuong will carry out this album with a pictured story book captured in Bath; a historical city in England which was occupied by the Romans.

2. Pha Le - Album "Vỏ bọc/Cover"
Pha Le is one of Vietnam Idol's top 7 contestants in 2008. The singer with a voice that came from Hai Phong has decided to further her singing career in the year of the Dragon. After being signed under Thanh Thao's company,  Pha Le has better approaches with the music industry. After a year being on hiatus, the singer will debut her first album titled "Vỏ bọc" which can be translated loosely to a cover or a wrap. The album will drop on Valentine's Day.

There will also be a song titled "Vỏ bọc/Cover" on the album. It is specially written for Pha Le by songwriter Luu Thien Huong. The song will be about Pha Le's life which is filled with a lot of scandals. The album will contain songs that are deep, romantic, and pop-ish. After releasing "Vỏ bọc," Pha Le will continue to release two more albums mid-year.

3. Ho Vinh Khoa - Album “Lạc giữa thiên đường/ Lost in the middle of heaven"
 Closing up on a successful year last year in the field of acting, Ho Vinh Khoa has a lot of opportunities for career development in the entertainment industry. (If you can't quite put a finger on who he is, he is a hot boy who starred in Vietnam's first homosexual movie, Hot Boy Noi Loan.)
With a passion for music, Ho Vinh Khoa has spent a lot of time training his voice, dancing, and preparing for his first album, "Lac giua thien duong."
The album of this "rebellious hot boy" will release on February 5th. It will consist of 10 songs, 3 of which are from the movie, Hot Boy Noi Loan. Those three songs are: "Lac giua thien duong/lost in the middle of heaven," "Còn những đêm buồn/Sad nights still remain?" and "Bao ngày nhớ em/Each day of missing you."

4. Ho Ngoc Ha and V.Music - Album "Valentine"
Just like last year, Ho Ngoc Ha will be collaborating with V.Music to release a Valentine album dedicated to couples of this special day. Of course, the album will be released on February 14th. To build suspense, HNH's production team has kept every detail regarding the album private.
2011 was a victorious year for HNH in the music industry. The "Tìm lại giấc mơ" singer shared: "This album is a present from me dedicated to everyone. It's also my way of thanking all those who supported and showed their love for me the previous year. Hopefully, this present will bring a bit of fun for everyone for Valentine's Day this year."

After two active years filled with success, V.Music will officially launch a new version of the group with the change of members at the beginning of February.

5. Wanbi Tuan Anh - Albums "Thuận – Nghịch" (Sorry, I'm having a bit of trouble translating these title.)
After Vietnamese new year, Wanbi will release a set of albums vol.3 and vol.4 with the titles "Thuận" and "Nghịch" on February 21st. Just like his previous album, he and his production team picked the names of the albums instead of naming them after a song. "Thuận" will consist of ballads (which is his area of specialty). Even though they are ballads, they will not be the same. Album "Nghịch" is an experiment from Wanbi which contains R&B/dance that has a modern style.

6. Ong Cao Thang - Single "Nơi ấy ngọn đồi tình yêu/The place with hills of love"
After two years of being absent from the Vpop scene, OCT focused on vocal training and dancing. Now, OCT has returned with a completely different image from when he was in the group, Weboys. The image he had back then was very youthful and romantic. Songs like "Ước ao một mình tôi/Desiring by myself," "Tình yêu và bạn/Love and Friend/Love and You," "Nắng tin yêu" has shocked many music lovers because of OCT's voice.

In OCT's upcoming music video, Dong Nhi will be present. The mv will be recorded in Da Lat. It is a continuation of "Hãy cho anh cơ hội/Give me a chance" that was released not too long ago.
After the release of "Nơi ấy ngọn đồi tình yêu," OCT will focus on recording the last song for his vol.1 album which will be released in mid-2012.

7. Bao Thy - Single "My Emotional"
Not much information has been released regarding this comeback. The singer posted: "2/2/2012 Lona sẽ ra mắt 1 single cực kì đặc biệt : My Emotional... Cả nhà nhé... ♥ giờ thì bắt tay vào chuẩn bị nào...hihi..."
"On February 2nd, I will release an extremely special single: My Emotional. Right now I will embark on and prepare for the song."

Bao Thy has had a successful year in 2011 with the release of her special album which was well received by fans. She won an award in Zing's Music Award 2012 under the category Top ten albums of the year. A song that was not on the special album titled "Em yêu anh nhiều lắm/I love you very much" won awards for the categories Top ten songs of the year and Top ten music videos of the year for the same award show.

8. Ngo Kien Huy - "That la Nhat/Honesty is best"
NKH teased fans about his upcoming song on Facebook. Not much has been revealed as of now except "it's coming soon."

NKH's album "Chạm tay vào điều ước" won Zing's Music Award's Top ten albums of the year category.

Are you excited? Which album are you looking forward to most?

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  1. All sounds pretty good to look forward too. Hope I won't be disappointed! I'm excited to see what Bao Thy has in store. :) I will keep an eye on all of them. Thanks for the awesome updates admins! <3