Saturday, January 7, 2012

Midu's Possible Boyfriend??

Midu is currently one of the hottest "hot girls" in Vietnam right now since she's been participating in a few movies.  Because of that, people have been paying special attention to her which resulted in the finding of Midu's possible boyfriend.

Midu and the mysterious guy were seen together at the movie theater.  This mysterious guy seems to be quite well-off.

She's quite dressy for a movie date, isn't she?

Does the guy look familiar to you?  That's because he's the same guy that was seen kissing Midu on the street back in 2010. 

She looks very happy with him, I wish her many many happiness.  Everyone deserves some lovin' right? :p


  1. Midu is actually really pretty!

    Didn't she deny that he is not her bf?

  2. She's pretty! I think that is her bf...From that one video on YouTube.