Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The HOT, YOUNG, and TALENTED couple Van Mai Huong & Le Hieu

Despite the denying, both Van Mai Huong and Le Hieu can't escape the evidences that prove the two are dating! There are more and more evidences that their relationship is not merely a brother-sister relationship.  Rumors about the two dating actually only started a month ago when tons of pictures of the two were captured. They deny by saying they are only hanging out a lot because both are from Ha Noi. 

The fans suspected the relationship between Le Hieu and Hot Girl Dan Cha awhile ago as the two were hanging out together a lot often. See picture below. Even though some pictures of Le Hieu and hot girl Dan Cha were captured, but obviously, they weren't enough to portray any sort of romantic relationship between the two.

Le Hieu with the hot girl Dan Cha

However, due to the large number of "dating" pictures of Le Hieu and Van Mai Huong being captured & released, everyone is now convinced that Le Hieu and Van Mai Huong are a real couple.

Evidence 1: Le Hieu personally picked up Van Mai Huong in his fancy car.

Evidence 2: Both showed up together at Dong Nhi's promotional event

Evidence 3: The two went watch the premier of a movie together!

Evidence 4: Le Hieu personally came back stage to encourage Van Mai Huong at SeaShow back in September

Evidence 5: The two seem to be a lot closer in this photo as she is holding him very tightly ;)

Despite the release of their "dating" photos & rapid rumors, the two remained quiet about their relationship while posting up more pictures together on their facebooks!

Evidence 6: Hanging out together.

We don't consider this to be a good piece of dating evidence..but they look quite "tinh cam" --romantic (?) performing together!

This picture is strange isn't it? Oh yeah Van Mai Huong is NOT by Le Hieu's side :(
This picture is actually taken at a Cap Doi Hoan Hoai show (Perfect couple?) on October 30th. Even though Van Mai Huong wasn't by Le Hieu's side at the show, he did however went pick her up for a late dinner then personally drove the beautiful girl home! How sweet!!

What do you guys think about this couple? I think they look very cute together! Both are very talented, and young! Even though they keep on denying their romantic relationship, but I think little dates like these will eventually lead to something more serious, right? :)) Wishing them the best of lucks both in their career and romantic life!


Van Mai Huong - Neu Nhu Anh Den

Le Hieu - Dem Cho Vo

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