Saturday, November 26, 2011

365daband's 1-year Birthday Big Concert

Hello 365's lovers!

Here are some pictures of our favorite boys at their latest show where they were the only singers invited!!  I don't have much to say about this show, I just wanted to share of the pictures from the show with you guys :) Oh yea, try to guess which song 365daband is performing from the pictures ^^

The MC of the show was Diem My, do you guys know who she is??

 Big South dance crew was also invited! I love Big South!! these guys are super talented!

On December 24th, 365daband will celebrate their 1 year birthday with a BIG CONCERT! there will be two guest singers for the show.  They haven't revealed who the guest singers are yet but they did mention that one of the guest is a very young and talented singer from a very accredited reality TV show, the other is a famous teen singer with a large fan base and she is known for writing many good songs.  Can you guys guess who the two girls are?? o.O I think I have an idea :p

Anyways, I'm so sad that I can't attend this big concert T.T I wish I was in Vietnam to attend it.  Wish the boys the best of luck and hopefully their fan base will grow even larger after this concert :)


  1. I don't know who Diem My is, but she looks like the girl in Thien Su 99. I could be wrong though.
    365 is dancing to music in me! I recognize the dance moves. :)
    For some reason, I think one of the girls is Van Mai Huong. I can't wait to find out. Thank you for updating us.

  2. Congrats to the 365 boys! I wish them the best! I'm guessing that one of the guest star might possibly be either Dong Nhi or Thuy Tien. Cuz, from what I know, these two singers composed several hit songs. They both have large fan base as well! Thnx for the update! :3

  3. my guess is that the guest stars are Dong Nhi and Van Mai Huong :)

  4. The stars are Van Mai Huong and Dong Nhi. I saw some live clips of the live show. The girls were very pretty. Dong Nhi sang "den ben mua" and "bong may qua them". Van Mai Huong sang "neu nhu anh den" and a happy birthday song.