Thursday, November 3, 2011

New MV Mot The Gioi by the X5 Girls, Chi Thien, Thanh Bui, Nathan Lee and various of Vpop artists! Worth watching!

The X5 Girls had another great opportunity to record a song & shoot a music video with so many other talented Vietnamese Pop Artists such as Ha Okio, Thanh Bui, Đoan Trang, Hà Anh Tuấn, MC Phan Anh, Tùng Dương, BTV Mỹ Linh, Tú Vi, Nguyễn Phạm Thùy Trang, V-music, Hòa Mi, Chí Thiện, Nathan Lee, Quốc Thiên, Thảo Trang, MC Nguyên Khang, NS Dương Cầm, Cẩm Tú, Adam Band and Nguyen Linh

I was so excited to see this collaboration among these singers because the final product is excellent with the powerfully heart-moving song, amazing voices, and beautiful images of Vietnam & people moving towards going green & saving the earth! Go GREEN!

The song itself means One World and if I could translate the entire lyrics for you, I would because it is so meaningful, hopeful , and heart-warming!  Enjoy and spread the word about this wonderful song!

My favorite part of the song is the chorus: (please excuse the poor translation)
Một thế giới- One world
Một tình yêu- One love
Cùng mơ ước biết bao nhiêu - Together we dream
Và bài ca sẽ còn mãi trong ta - And the song will remain within us forever

Để ta sống cuộc đời vui - Let us live a happy life
trẻ em cất tiếng hát yêu đời - Children singing joyfully 
và niềm vui lan truyền khắp muôn nơi..- And the happiness is everywhere.

Overall, I give this MV/SONG a 5/5 because of the meaningful & positive content sung by A LOAD OF CRAZY GOOD SINGERS, and the beautiful and hopeful images in the music video of people loving life and being appreciative of the life that are given to us.

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  1. Ha Okio is such a great composer, he composed this song! He has recently came out with very nice songs! Gosh I love his voice and his music!