Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dang Khoa Idol placed 2nd in SNSD's "The Boys" Competition

Have you guys heard "The Boys" by SNSD?  I'm not a Kpop fan but I've heard this song as well as their other songs (my roommate is a big Kpop fan) Anyways, I do think that this song is very catchy, although them singing in English just kinda ruined the song because their pronunciation is not so good (referring to the English version).  Dang Khoa Idol recently did a cover of this song for a competition hosted by SM Town and placed 2nd in the competition.

Let's check out his cover :)

I think that Dang Khoa Idol did a better job with this song than SNSD did o.O His pronunciation is good and he has good vocal.  So congrats to him for placing second ^^

But wait...that's not all! A Vietnamese dance crew called St. 319 actually won 1st place in the dance cover. YAY!!! Go Viets!!! congrats to them as well.

They did a pretty good job right? Now here is what I don't understand... How come a great singer like Dang Khoa Idol and a fantastic dance crew like St. 319 are not doing something original to promote Viet pop?  This question might be too bold but I've watched many of St.319's dance cover and the majority of them are Kpop covers.  I mean, they can dance! but why are they not coming up with something that we can claim to be Vietnamese???!?!? Sighhhhh... I'm still proud of them regardless, just hope that they could contribute to Vpop industry a little bit more instead of promoting Kpop. ^^


  1. Interestng news! I feel so proud! LYNT won 2ne1's. Dance cover and now St.319! DAng Khoa did a great job on tye song cover! Awesome and go viets! Hope they keep this up and win all the dance cover contests! I agree that they should use their talents and help improve the Vpop industry, nevertheless, I still am proud of their winnings! :3

  2. yea vietnamese have been winning a lot of competitions lately! YAY us!

  3. I have the same thoughts as well! Hopefully in the very near future they will do something to contribute to the Vietnamese entertainment business. I would like to see Vietnamese celebrities who represent Vietnam in different countries and spread Vietnamese culture and talent to others.