Friday, November 18, 2011

The Discovery of New Bands #1: P.S.S (UPDATED)

Lately there has been quite a number of new bands with different styles and sounds added to the Viet music industry.  Therefore we decided to do a series of "The Discovery of New Bands" and each time we will showcase a new band :)

We will start with P.S.S Band aka Personality, Style, Sexy 

P.S.S Band is managed by Singer Minh Tuan A# (founder of La Thang Band) and consisted of 4 members:

1) Trinh Doll:  People know Trinh Doll from Miss Teen awhile back.  She will be portraying a doll-like, cutesy personality.

2) Thao Goby:  From Ha Noi, she has a high and clear voice, also her innocent face is another advantage to the group.

3) Thy Cici: Has a strong and warm voice.  Also known from the show "Song Ca Cùng Thần Tượng"


4) Thu Pinkyoh: main dancer of the group, she is a member of the dance team called "OH".  "Oh" participated in the 2NE1 contest called "BFF" awhile ago and received a lot of attention.

They debut recently on November 9th, 2011 with two songs, "Sac Mau Moi" and "Moi Hon" Let's take a look at some of the pictures of them rehearsing for the big day.

Here is the clip from a fan "Sac Mau Moi"

I find this song to be very catchy, something that I would dance to ^^ And their voices sound great in here also.  Although I do have to admit that they need to fire whoever their stylist is... (Sorry that sounded a little harsh, but it's the truth)  Their outfits just didn't look good individually or as a group.  So that's something they should definitely work on.  

In my opinion, it is a bit hard for them to execute their full potential in music since they are a low budget group.  They don't have a big company with tons of resources behind to support them.  They're going to have to work twice as hard to receive a special spot in the Vpop world!  But nevertheless, let's keep on supporting them and hopefully they will take Vpop to a whole new different level!

***If you're interested in them, you can follow them on their Facebook page P.S.S Band***
 The master versions of their two debut songs are now available :)

Sac Mau Moi:

Moi Hon:


  1. ... And cue the copying accusations!
    These girls look promising, but I just know that when they reach fame, people will accuse them of copying Kpop- especially with the way they dress. :( There is no way to reach into their heads and let them know that Kpop did not start the concept.

    "Sac mau moi" is a pretty good song though. Finally an upbeat/catchy song. I'm sick and tired of the sad, depressing love songs in Vpop right now.
    I can't tell the members apart in the video, but the one who sings second has a really good voice. And the girl with the big blonde hair (I'm guessing it's Thu Pinkyoh) has a lot of charisma when she dances.

    Word of advice for them: ditch the concept and the weird names. I don't know what a "goby" or a "pinkyoh" is. :o

  2. Yay! Thanks for more info on this girl group! I like Moi Hon from the two songs! Trinh Doll has the vocals and Thu PinkyOh is a very good dancer! Will keep an eye on these girls in the near future! :)

  3. Here is their teaser for "Sac mau moi" and an introduction:

    The mv is a little low budget. They just need the hook up. lol
    They have a lot of dislike already. It's sad. I get the references to 2ne1, but seriously? Trinh Doll looks like she's inspired by Ayumi Hamasaki with that getup. I don’t know, I see more Japanese singers wear bright colorful clothes and with those crazy eyelashes more than Koreans.
    The getup is getting in the way of their talent. I know they’re just bringing something new to the Vpop scene, but people aren’t even paying attention to their dancing/singing.

  4. I feel bad for them that they got so many negative feedbacks :( I think they have potential~