Saturday, November 12, 2011

Y Thanh--->Choreographer Turns Singer

If you have seen "Sang Bung Suc Song" or "House of Dreams" then you probably already know who Y Thanh is.  Y Thanh was one of the judges on the show and he was my favorite one! 

We know Y Thanh as a choreographer for the reality TV show " Sang Bung Suc Song", but we will now get to know him as a singer.  Y Thanh recently released a few music videos and the one that stood out the most was "Au Lo"

"Au Lo" by Y Thanh

I personally really like this MV.  It is probably because I love dancing so I have a special place in my heart for those singers who can dance--BIG PLUS!  The song is somewhat catchy and Y Thanh's voice is very soft and sweet.  The thing that I like the most about this MV is probably incorporation of the dancing--We sure need more Viet singers who can dance!  

Y Thanh is quite a talented man.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Record Administration.  In 2007, Y Thanh placed second in the Talent Search in Little Saigon, USA.  Not only that, Y Thanh is also a professional dancer/choreographer who performed for many big shows.  Y Thanh also starred in TV series "Marshall Law" that was aired from 1998 to 2000 (I know, super ancient ^^) Most significantly, Y Thanh was my favorite judge on "Sang Bung Suc Song" :P He was such a sweetheart and he gave such productive criticisms. 

Want more?  Y Thanh is currently the CEO of Blue Mint--an agency for performing artists.  Boy, I would love to take dance lessons from Y Thanh someday, he seems like a very nice and sweet person.  Other than that, Y Thanh is also a teacher at CleverLearn English Language Center.  

Check out one of the pieces Y Thanh choreographed on "Sang Bung Suc Song"

While we're at it, let's check out this clip of the girls dancing--looks like they were having tons of fun :)

Lastly, I wish him the best of luck in his career and I will for sure be one of his loyal fans ^^


  1. He has a sweet soft voice. This song is good and the choreo is good too. I wish him luck in the industry. I wish I can danc and sing like him

  2. Whoopsie. Typos. I wish I can dance and sing as good as him! :P Please do Keep updating! Thank u admins <3. U guys need more followers. :) I'll try to help advertise. More followers and comments equals more updates!!!!! Yay!!! XD

  3. He sounds like a great singer, cheoreography in the mv is ok - just over use of certain already seen dance movies. Dress Style is great but then is ruined by the glasses - Red lifejacket outfit.

    So overall awesome voice, he's fit, dances good ... just mv execution that needs the tweaking. I've seen too many ''mv is almost great but is ruined by something'' in Vietnamese Music.

  4. To Anonymous: OMG i totally know what you mean!!! I've seen almost-perfect MVs too.. like Ung Hoang Phuc's Can Gac Trong, 365's Music in Me.. etc... ALMOST THERE!

  5. haha I know, ahhhhh audio wise the songs are good

    - but there is so much failure in either the cheoreography (e.g Bao Thy's Right Now) or the whole mv execution haha (e.g Ong Cao Thang's Anh Da Trong Cho Hu Vo).

    So far 365's ''Music in Me'' has been the best (minus some of the dance moves, the middle dance number, touch up on rapping) Better off cutting it down to a 4 min vid :)