Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Discovery of New Singers: # 1 Vu Thanh Hang (Hang Bing Boong)

As some of you might remember from our previous post, the reality TV show calls "House of Dreams", or "Sang Bung Suc Song" was aired in the summer of 2011 and has received a lot of positive support and feedbacks. The show attracted many young and talented female singers around the country and my favorite contestant has always been Vu Thanh Hang, or Hang Bing Boong! She is such a cute, petite but has probably the strongest and most well-trained voice on the show! Even though for some super odd reasons, she was not selected to be a part of the X5 band...we are not here to focus on the odd reasons but to celebrate her success as an amazing solo artist!

First off, enjoy some of her beautiful pictures! :)


She is absolutely gorgeous! The funny thing is that I  have heard her song on Youtube YEARS ago and couldn't help but wonder who she was! There wasn't any information, nor pictures of her on the video, but ever since I watched the show, I knew exactly that it is her! And I am so glad she stepped up from being an underground singer to a mainstream singer now! :)

Here is the song she recorded years ago, called Nu Hong Sau Man Mua. I fell in love with her singing after this song!


Next, we have a clip of Hang bing boong auditioning for the House of Dreams show. Raw singing, no editing! Her voice is amazing!


After the show, she released many great songs! Below are some of them. Enjoy!

The song below is called If, originally sang by SNSD . Usually, I would say something negative about the covers if they sound worse than the original, however, Hang Bing Boong sounds so beautiful! Sang with such emotions, clear voice, and well-controlled vocal!

This next song is also a covered from SNSD. First, singer Tam Tit covered this song, turns out she did not receive too much positive support- however, ever since Hang Bing Boong released her version, she has received so much love and support!


Last, we have her newly released MV!!! Once again, her vocal has no flaws. The MV itself portrays a very sexy Hang Bing Boong, which I am not used to yet since she was so cute & silly in the House of Dreams show, nonetheless, I support her!


I cannot express how much I love her singing! I cannot wait until her first Album comes out :) What do you guys think about her??


  1. Wow, what a beautiful girl and amazing voice. support her!

  2. She's pretty and has an awesome voice, no doubt. I'm just not a fan of her music videos and songs. If only someone would give her better songs that matches with her voice more and music videos that aren't so low-budget.
    I really like her in SBSS. Regardless of what the judges say, I LOVE her voice in "Bong may qua them." I like her in "Hanh phuc trong em" as well. Her voice is very distinct from the other girls.