Monday, November 28, 2011

Bao Thy Comes Clean about her Scandals

I have been anticipated for this interview for awhile now, it's finally out! Bao Thy was asked to answer the questions in this interview with honesty, wait for the end, there are going to be some tears!

Bao Thy was interviewed by Thanh Tung Leo, a talk show host from YANTV.  Some of the questions are very and I mean VERY personal which resulted in Bao Thy crying...  Actually, these questions were asked by the audience.  As you might know, Bao Thy has one of the largest anti-fan group, if you search her up on Youtube, you will see many "hurtful" videos of Bao Thy that were created by anti-fans. T.T

I will try to translate the interview, however; I'm not good at translating word-by-word so please bare with me. (I'm only translating the questions and answers)

Thanh Tung: Many people said that you plagiarized many songs before, please tell us about it.
Bao Thy: Firstly, I want to clarify that out of all the songs I wrote, no one had ever said that they sounded like other songs.  The word "plagiarism" started about about 2-3 years ago when I was one of the youngest/newest artist in showbiz.  During those years, I did tried to write Viet lyrics to some non-Vietnamese songs.  However; whenever those songs were released, I did state that the song is a non-Vietnamese song and Viet lyrics were written by me.  I never once claim to be the composer of those songs.  Therefore, when people say I "plagiarize" it's a prejudice judgement and not just a normal judgement anymore.  Before the release of my songs and albums, an approved stamp was already established.  No matter how much proof I show to people, they're still going to think I plagiarized.

Plastic Surgeries:
Thanh Tung: Have you had any plastic surgeries?
Bao Thy: Honestly I feel very uncomfortable talking about this topic because I have spoken about this many many times and I don't want to have to repeat it.  I never think plastic surgeries are bad.
Thanh Tung: Ok Ok, let's not talk about whether it's good or bad, just answer my question.  Have you had any plastic surgeries?
Bao Thy:  I can say with certainty that I have never had plastic surgery.  Those pictures of me was when I was about 16-17 years old, on the finale of "Miss Audition" I turned 18 and I already looked like how I do now.  I was chubby as a kid, and I had 2 vampire teeth, therefore I told my parents I wanted braces to have straight teeth.  I couldn't eat much when I had braces therefore I lost a lot of weight hence my face also got a lot smaller.
Thanh Tung:  A lot of people think you had plastic surgeries because of your chin, even some professionals said that it's because of a bad silicon injection.  What do you have to say about your chin?
Bao Thy: Even I think my chin is strange! My chin has always been this way ever since I was a child.  When I lost weight, my chin became even more noticeable.  Sometimes when I have a shooting for a commercial, the makeup artists even ask to touch my chin!  I was more than happy to let them touch and feel my chin.  When I have a chance, I will share with you guys a picture of me when I was a child with this strange but unique chin.  Some people suggested that I get plastic surgery to remove the extra meat on my chin, but I feel absolutely happy with what my parents have given me.  I know that looks is extremely important to an artist, but if I wasn't already cute or charming then I wouldn't be where I am today.

Skin Bleaching:
Thanh Tung: If there is a Photoshop button in real life, I would assume that you have used that button to bleach your skin. Right?
Bao Thy: I have never heard of skin bleaching, I've only heard of skin whitening or skin peeling.  Some fellow artists even come up to me sometimes and ask to touch my skin because it's so soft and smooth.  Just like any other girls, I have my own regimen of skincare routine.  I'm currently using Olay products.

"Hurtful, ugly" Names:
Thanh Tung: How do you feel when anti-fans call you hurtful names?
Bao Thy: For a very long time I felt extremely tired with those nicknames.  Being a girl and having to deal with so much pressure, I sure had a time when I broke down.  I've shared with my family that maybe I should pursue my other dream which is to study abroad instead.  There are times when those anti-fans called me nasty names when I'm performing on stage and I honestly wanted to put down the mic and stop singing.  If I really did something wrong, then I wouldn't be as hurt, but I've never thought of using those nicknames to make me more famous.  I've learned to find peace within myself and I decided to careless about the anti-fans and focus on the people who truly love me instead.  

I've decided to stop here because the rest of the interview wasn't as interesting.  To sum it up, Bao Thy said that all of the pain she had endured are totally worth it.  Her life has a lot more excitements because now that she is a famous singer. 

Here's the clip of the interview :)

Do you guys think she was completely honest??? 


  1. I do feel bad for her. The anti fans were too extreme when they called her names when she was singing. It just shows how uncivilized they are. It’s a shame. The Vpop fans want to reach international level, but they continue to act so rude and ill-mannered. How can Vpop grow if they keep on bashing it? There’s a difference between criticism and insult. Too bad they don’t know the difference. This will be our downfall before we even reach international status. I really do hope the fans reconsider- not just for themselves and Vpop, but for the younger generation.

    To be honest, Bao Thy’s songs did not appeal to me at first, but her voice did. I think she’s very talented as a singer and a songwriter.
    I don’t know if I find BT credible though. I want to, but I don’t know. The odds are so against her. I have been following her on her blog and she did release a couple of paperwork proving her copyright of those songs. But then again, she did translate so many. But she’s not lying, she never claimed those songs as completely hers. She didn’t give proper credit, she just credited: “Nhac ngoai quoc, Loi: Bao Thy”. As a newbie in Vpop at the time (16-17), she probably wasn’t as seriously as she is now which is why she translated songs instead of composing them. If you follow her now, she has been releasing more original songs. But this might have been her company’s plans to get her attention.
    Fans can be so hypocritical sometimes. I know a lot of anti Bao Thy fans are Kpop fans. Why is it okay for Kpop singers to “sample” and copy other people’s songs but not for Bao Thy? Why the double standard?

    As for her having plastic surgery, I don’t know either. When she debuted, she had that bump on her chin. And if you look at pictures of when she was young, she was quite pale. I don’t think she bleached her skin, but like she said, she whitened it. There was an ad she did for Olay where she promoted a whitening cream which erases your scars and stuff. Although she might not have altered her face, her fans said she got her teeth done. Does this count as plastic surgery? I really do hope that she will follow her words in uploading a pic with the bump on her chin to clear her name.

    Regardless, I like her for her voice, not her scandals. She has a very unique and soft voice. I hope she continues to do well. :D

  2. Aw...poor Bao Thy. Though I don't like her copying other foreign songs and writing the viet lyrics to it, she has been trying to get away from that with her recent released songs. I too thought she had surgery cuz of her chin. I guess I was wrong?? The kpop fans were extremely rude to her with all the mean names and remarks. However, once you made a mistake, the anti-fans will never forget and they'll always pull that out to use it against you. :( Vpop needs to become the next asian wave or some other amazing Asian pop so we can stop,not really, well as least reduce some of the Kpop fans hating all other Asian pop. It becomes annoying somethings because their comments are just plain hate and nothing else...

    @Anonymous: I agree with you Anonymous! :) dang all your comments are well thought out! You need to tell the Viet Ent. Industry you opinions so they will try to change and make our Vpop world better!

  3. Yea Anonymous! your comments are always so thorough! you would be a great critic :)

    Gosh, I hate anti-fans! they're so rude and uncivilized! They need to stop hatin' on people who are actually trying their best to make everyone happy! If they don't like it, just leave it!

    I would have to say that Bao Thy is very strong for enduring all of those things that the anti-fans did to her. If it was me, I don't know if I can continue to sing...

    I don't know if BT uploading her childhood picture is gonna do any good, people can still say that she probably photoshopped it.

    Skin whitening is super normal in Asia, a lot of Viet stars do it not just Bao Thy. I might do it too if I go to VN lol!!

  4. Lol, I feel like such a bother sometimes for ranting on here. Thank you though.

    I think Bao Thy translating songs is just a part of her company’s scheme to get her attention. It’s sad, but it’s quite a norm in Vpop now for stars to get famous via scandals. If you listen to Karik’s “Xa hoi rac roi,” you will see him rap about all the negative points about Vpop such as singers translating songs, making scandals, etc. Hoang Thuy Linh, Minh Hang, Thuy Tien and much more all had sex scandals. In such cases like Bao thy, once a singer gets famous, they will limit their translation of songs.
    I would blame the fans for this as well. They need to stop feeding the scandals.

    Yeah, I can only imagine being on a big stage by yourself and having people scream hateful comments at you. If I were her, I would be so scared, not knowing if those antis will throw something at me. You’re right, she can probably photoshop it. But if antis don’t see proof, they will call her a liar. :(
    Yep, skin whitening is very popular, not just in VN, but throughout Asia. This brings back to the topic of Vpop fans being hypocritical. Many other Asian stars whiten their skin, but here Bao thy is, being bashed for it.
    Lol,I'm too chicken to whiten my skin because there is mercury in whitening products. Just be careful because VN’s regulation might be different.

  5. fuck you haters. I love bao thy.

  6. Bao thy is a wonderful singer. I seriously dont understand all this hate. She is talented and beautiful. when will people just stop hating :/

  7. i am as to introduce i am a very supporrive fan of bao thy and for anyone to hate and make fun of her thats just gossip that fes people up with plentiful lies. personally she shouldnt even get offended by how people claim her name online. the truth will always beat it all for a while people out of million going to said what they confirm to said i mean to take it by the word is literally taking an opinion and turn it to fact that what form the affirmation of cyberbully . internet is an access source for almost everybody in the world . people interput their opinions to either show off inform or what so ever brag . its what we all take for granted that if we hurt someone no matter the minority they can still find away to defend or hurt us back. living life in deep hater name isn't a name worthy to live life as. i for once in a while would offer complitment and critics toward the criteria but doing something unlawful as to mock or putting bad input that is not a based fact thing isn't something a person with dignity does.

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    1. I'm sorry about her. If that's what she say honestly, I understand. I don't know when she say about it, now it's so sadness. The haters are nothing but a dumplings. Anyone who hate her are cruel. For her truth, I understood.

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