Monday, November 28, 2011

P.S.S's "Sac Mau Moi" MV [UPDATED 11.29.11]

Hi guys!

I just introduced P.S.S not too long ago and I hope you guys are interested in them enough to want to watch their first MV ^^ Yups, it was released earlier today!! They don't get much publicity since they're very new and on a low budget so I had to dig deep to find infos about them.

For their first MV, they've decided to go with "Sac Mau Moi" Good! because that's my favorite song anyways :)  I'm guessing that their next song is "La Vi Em Sai"? since it says so on the picture above, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Let's watch the MV now shall we?

Honestly, this MV looks very "homemade" to me.  But I'm not complaining since I know they don't have much resources.  I still wish that the MV was better though.  When I first heard the song, I came up with many images of how this MV would look like in my head ^^ and this MV is totally not what I was expecting.  Nevertheless, let's continue to support them and see what else they have to bring to the Vpop world okie? :)

Here are some of their recent pictures:


I like the new songs:)


  1. The mv would be better if it had better lighting and effects. It should show more of the girls dancing rather than walking around and just singing along. The company probably doesn't want to spend a lot of money because these girls are newbies so I understand.
    Like I have mentioned in other posts, the getup is too distracting. I find myself focusing on the makeup rather than their singing... which is a shame because they have pretty good voices. This is probably why they have so many dislike already. This group is too new to judge so I will continue to support them. I hope they do well.

  2. @ Anonymous: I totally agree! I wonder what Minh Tuan would say if I write to him expressing our opinions and feedbacks... lol

  3. @Anonymous
    You can do that?!?!? o.O I mean, like email him and stuff? Btw.. Minh Tuan looks familiar. Does anyone know if he's in Bong dung muon khoc?
    I hope he pays attention because it would be a total waste for these girls. I really think they can dance and sing.
    Here are some things I want to see change:
    1. Outfits - I would just like to see them tone down on the crazy outfits. If they want to dress colorfully, that’s fine, but I hope they limit it to a couple of colors instead of wearing a rainbow.
    2. English - Their English doesn’t sound too good in the “lam sao em biet” song. They should just stick to VNese for now.
    3. Name – Seriously, they should ditch those names. Thy CiCi is cute, but Pinkyoh and Goby is so weird. I’m not too fond of the band name either. “Sexy” is the only adjective which makes the name inconsistent with the two nouns.

    I think they would gain more fans if these changes are applied. Once they gain more fans, the company would spend more money on them, thus heightening the quality of the music/ videos. But I know.. small steps. :D

  4. I was kinda disappointed with the MV, but I do understand that the fund was low. I was expecting it to be some powerful and amazing dance moves. By the way, I've think I've heard of Sac Mau Moi before. I was hoping for a new and fresh song as their debut. Oh well, I'll still keep watching them. Let's see what they'll do in the future....

    @ Anonymous above my comment: Yeah, he and Chi Thien used to be in the original La Thang group. Yes, both Chi Thien and Minh Tuan are in Bong Dung Muon Khoc as the two ruthless rich friends of the main guy. I totally agree with you! They need to improve in the English section, and the cloths and makeup are a bit overpowering to the points of distraction. All your opinions should be known to Minh Tuan. He has a facebook and so do the pss girls. You can try that. :) Good luck.

  5. Lol since there are TWO anonymouses, I will put down a name this time.

    I'm thinking of shooting Minh Tuan a message on facebook but the problem with Vietnamese people is that they always think they're right. (just my personal experiences with Vietnamese people in Vietnam) They like to hear compliments and kiss-ass comments but they ignore the criticisms. But oh wells, I'll give him my two cents I guess let's see if he's gonna reply o.O

    @Chuonie: Yea, a few other singers sang Sac Mau Moi before, but I like this version the most cuz the beat is better in my opinion. :)

  6. Only one girl stands out, I think her name is Thu Pinkyoh (weird name). In addition to all the above posts, they also need a lot more vocal training.

  7. I’m sorry, I’ll change my name. lol It's not a good one, but I couldn't think of anything else.

    @Chuonie & GoViets!
    I knew Chi Thien was in La Thang, but not Minh Tuan. I’m late, lol.
    I would send Minh Tuan a message, but Vietnamese is not my strong point. I’m trying to improve though. :D Yeah, some Vietnamese people will disregard what you say, but for the sake of PSS, I hope MT will listen. I wonder if he knows English.. If he does, I would message him.

    I think they sound pretty good, but there is always room for improvement. I would like to hear them sing live. I wonder how they would do.

  8. This is a little off topic, but I think there is a new band called M.Code.
    I don't know anything about them but their teaser looks pretty exciting.
    Also, 365 is coming out with new songs! I'm excited. :D

  9. @Vpopper: LOL you finally have a name! Anyways, Minh Tuan was actually the one that started La Thang YEARRSSSS ago (2004-2005 i think)

    This was the original La Thang

    They were my FAVORITE boyband at the time so I know quite a lot about them ^^

  10. @ GoViets! and Vpopper: I'm very interested in seeing Minh Tuan's response to both of your comments about PSSGirls! Are you both gonna try to post it publicly or send him a private message? As for writing in vietnamese, you can always translate with :) Keep me updated on his reply. :D

    I've also found a new boyband called RainBowBoys on 11/11/11 from and I've blogged about them.(Check out my blog if you want. ~~~:D) The group consists of 7 guys. They are from the Phuong Viet company, which will debut a new girl group soon called RainBowGirls, 6 girls. They are suppose to be the girl version of the rainbowboys. :D
    So far the teaser/trailer looks good. The mp3 song on Zing isn't bad and the dance looks pretty good too. Check em out if you like. I'm still waiting for their MV! Hopefully, our Admin will write something about them later. :)

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  12. To Anonymous: First of all, you have no right to say that OUR (or anybody's) music taste is low standard. People have different tastes in music, you might not like them, but others might. Second of all, we don't just talk about bands/artists that are already so great and are already big, we talk about every bands/artists that we run across. Third of all, our purpose is to introduce these new bands/artists to people who love Viet music but perhaps don't know much about it or don't know where to find it. It's up to them to decide whether to like the bands/artists that we introduce.

    P.S. Thank you for visiting the blog, but please don't bring Kpop into this or talk down on other people. You think that only Kpop guys wear makeup? Reality check, EVERY ARTIST wears makeup on stage. And actually, Jpop started this trend of guys wearing eyeliner before Kpop did :) I don't mean to sound rude in any way, I just wanted to clarify those things for you, happy reading :)

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  14. @ Anonymous: Who are you to tell people their tastes in music is low? Have you ever thought that your taste of music is low? Not interested in kpop or even a fan of kpop. Who are you trying to kid? If you aren't a kpop fan or even interested in kpop, then why did you narrow the makeup on guys just to kpop? Makeup on guys doesn't always point to a replica of kpop, have you ever thought it could be a cpop, jpop, tpop, american pop, europop, etc kind of thing? Why kpop? Seriously... The world doesn't revolve around your thoughts and actions. Duh... Here's my pov on your fav groups. I don't hate X5 or anything but here's my honest thoughts about them. Why are they even a group? They have no unique vocals and dancing is plain. These are the winners of HOD. I believe that PSS have a better potential than these X5 girls. I agree that M4U is an awesome group, vocals wise and creative wise. Creative as in self music composition. As for B.Sily, you do know all they got is just a pretty face and body right? That's it. For me, talents lies in an amazing vocal and your passion in music to the points of creating your very own hit rather than singing other people's song, amazing fashions, basically starting from scratch. That is what TRUE talent is. At this very moment, I've not found a Vpop group that is truely talented. Yes, I'm looking for a Mozart or a Beethoven in Vpop. Here's my two cents. I'm sorry if I offended anybody, made anyone mad, or whatever. I just could stand people keep comparing Vpop to Kpop. I can't believe people who just hate on other people and their pov. What you haters are doing is being rude to someone who just wanted to express their thoughts. How would you feel if someone shot down your thoughts? Think about it.

  15. I've already said sorry and didn't mean to bring anyone down. It was my mistake for saying such a mean thing because everyone has different taste. I was not comparing Kpop to Vpop, but you have to admit it when it is happening, kpop has a very strong influence in Vietnam, which I really hate. B.Sily are girls with pretty faces, but I believe they have potential to make their songs sound good. X5 band, Zed and Hai Le have pretty unique voices! I love Hai Le's voice! You act like you know me, I'm not trying to kid anyone, I don't like kpop, but I see what I see, and many of these groups are an imitation. There are crazy kpop fans who accuse many artists of plagiarizing kpop, even when there's apparently no similarities, however, there are occasionally some Vietnamese artists who do it and it's obvious, and like you said about me, who are they trying to kid? Me? You? Anyways, Administrator, please delete my two last post as I don't want to argue with anyone anymore.

  16. This shows that everyone has different tastes in music :) Let's all be respectful of each other's opinions. <3

  17. Oh wow. I didn't know that my comment cause such a stir in here. When I saw there was another comment in this post I thought GoViets! Or Vpopper replied! Lolz. At first, I didn't know how to response to that comment. But truthfully, I just only wanted to share what I found with you guys. I guess I'll have to keep it to myself from now on. :( I guess my suggestions wasnt what people wanted. Admin you can also delete my previous comment too. Thx. <3

  18. Oh no, KEEP ON SHARING what you find and like!!! Don't mind what I said, it was really mean. My apologies!

  19. Please don't let my previous posts scare you away from sharing your thoughts and opinions, and sharing new things with people who might like what you share!

  20. Like we said before, we are all different so we will have different tastes and opinions in almost EVERYTHING! We truly appreciate you guys' comments! After all, this should be a place where we can discuss, judge, and recommend more and more artists/music! <3!