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What Is Stopping Vpop To Be As Big As Kpop????!

For a very long time, I keep questioning why Vpop can't be as big and popular as Kpop? It's obvious that Kpop is taking over the music industry in Asia, and many young Vietnamese audiences  idolize Kpop groups over Vpop groups (SNSD, Big Bang, 2PM, KARA, T-ARA, etc.)  Well, what about the new Viet groups?  (365, V.Music, X5, La Thang, etc.)  What is it that they're missing?  What will it take for them to get Viet teens' attention?  I'm sure I'm not the only one who is pondering upon this topic.

Last week I ran across an article that talks about this topic and I would like to share some of the points they addressed which may/may not answer the questions being raised above. 

1.  Why can't Vpop be as popular as Kpop?  Because we don't have the money.
Kpop groups are trained properly.  Most groups were trained for 8-10 years before they can even debut.  They were trained not only in singing, but also in different areas such as dancing, acting, public speaking, etc... You may say that, "Well, we can do the same and train new groups too!"  Reality check! we can't!  We just don't have the money and the resources to do that.  Korea's economy is in a way better shape than Vietnam's economy.  Let's say that some Viet Entertainment company puts out a bunch of money to train a new group for 5 years...after all the money that's been put into this...are the Viet fans willing and able to purchase the original copies of the products the company released?  With much effort put into the production, of course the products will be a bit pricey.  Can Vpop fans afford it?  

2. Why can't Vpop be as popular as Kpop?  Because we don't have the resources.
If you watch some of the Kpop shows, you will notice how nice the stages look.  All the lighting and spacious area create a phenomenon stage.  Now if you haven't noticed, the stages in Vietnam are quite small with poor lighting.  We do have a few big stages such as Lan Anh, Hòa Bình, Bến Thành, Nhà hát Thành Phố, Nhà hát lớn Hà Nội... But those stages are only used for big shows that happens once in awhile.  Singers usually perform at smaller stages on a regular basis (since the tickets are cheaper for the fans to purchase).  It's difficult for a group to work with a small stage especially when it comes to choreography therefore most of the time they chose to go on the safe side and focus more on vocals rather than performance.  
(Vietnam's stage)
Staying on the topic of the lack of resources...Korea has the resources for better sound systems and they actually have people who know how to work those sound systems properly.  Many fans complain that Viet artists always lip sync'.  Well it's because the sound system is not good enough to sing live.  They usually only sing live at shows like Album Vang because the sound system is actually decent.  At smaller shows, they can't sing live because the people in charge are usually not trained to control the sound system.  (I know, it's sad) 
(Korea stage)

3.  Why can't Vpop be as popular as Kpop? Vietnamese's concept of beauty is "NATURAL"

Korea always have super good looking artists which is one of their advantage/tactic to attract more fans.  They don't mind putting money into plastic surgery to look good.  (Hey, I don't mind plastic surgery as long as they look good)  On the contrary, most Vietnamese fans are still against plastic surgery and they think natural beauty is the best way to go.  Which in my opinion is a bit hypocritical.   Why is it okay for Korean artists to get plastic surgery?  and when a Vietnamese artist "fix" up a bit, people make such a big deal about it? For example: Bao Thy, Thuy Tien
 I think they look very pretty after surgery, but of course, people love them for their talents and not just their looks.

4. Why can't Vpop be as popular as Kpop?  Well, Where are the fans????
Remember back in those days when 1088, GMC, May Trang, Mat Ngoc, MTV were the shizzo?? That's because during that time, Kpop hasn't taken over the Vpop fans yet...  And because during that time, the internet wasn't widely used in Vietnam.  Back then, fans would have to purchase CDs or DVDs but now within seconds, they can have access to all the songs and videos through the internet.  I mean I don't blame the fans because I honestly find music online too (I haven't purchased a CD in yearssss--Don't lie, you know you're the same :p) Anyways, the point being made here is that without fans, Viet artists can't do much.  Without fans, Viet artists lose hope in their music products.  Artists are human too, they need to make some kind of profits to do what they do right?

Let's tie all the dots together:

Even though Vietnam's economy is growing rapidly, we're still considered a "developing" country.  I admit that there are many rich people in Vietnam, but if you look at the country as a whole---WE'RE POOR! Many people still live in poverty.  Korea is in a better position therefore they are able to gear their focus on other things (music, dramas).  

365daband and X5 are the more well known groups in Vietnam right now because they are highly trained (for Vietnam's standard).  However, they are still having a hard time trying to gain more fans inside and outside of the country.  Yes, Kpop is better than Vpop (to some standards) but I still support Vpop 105%.  My hope is that one day Vpop will be as popular and diverse as Kpop <3


  1. My comment was too long, so I have to cut them.
    This is a very controversial topic. I used to be a major Kpop fan, but not anymore. I started listening to Kpop in 2006 and stopped in early 2010. Now, I only keep up with Wonder Girls. But they have been on a hiatus for a long time, so I haven’t been following up.

    What drove me out of the Kpop fandom? 1. The crazy fans.
    I don’t mean to generalize, but it’s hard not to when most of them are.. out of control. All they care about is their idol. They put down and bash the other idols and their fanclub. At first, the mindless bashing didn’t bother me. But after a while, it really did. You know what I thought? Why would I want to be categorized with those types of crazy people? I’m sure some of you might have heard about some fan’s actions. At a dream concert in 2008, some fans got attacked and had to be sent to the hospital. There are many instances of fanclubs attacking one another, but you will have to do your own research. Now, it’s not just fanclub against fanclub, it’s also the fans and their idols. I remember reading an article about 2pm fans sending their idol a letter written in blood.. blood from their menstrual cycle. There were also some fans who cut themselves and sent pictures to their idols. What was really out of hand was when anti-fans threw rocks at SNSD when they were performing. It makes them seem uncivilized and I didn’t want to be a part of it.
    Even though it bothered me to read these news, I still listened to Kpop. The final decision of me quitting kpop had to do with ethnocentrism. People think their country is so superior, it’s funny and sad because it’s not. But I will explain that in point #2. Kpop wasn’t about just listening to music anymore, it’s about your ethnicity. Has anybody come across the drama, “Golden Bride”? If not, I suggest you watch it. I warn you though, it can outrage you. Nothing’s better than a stereotypical “Vietnamese” girl who is so desperate for love and marries an ill man. The story just gets better.
    If you know, Vietnamese brides who marry Korean men or Vietnamese men who goes to work in Korea go there for their family. They help make money and send it back to their family in VN. But the drama did not depict that. Even the movies and dramas promote these types of behavior. No wonder the younger generation can be so racist. That’s when I finally quit.. when ethnicity entered the debate.

  2. 2. Lack of originality.
    Surprise, surprise? Yes, I know Vietnamese stars lack originality as well. But you know what I find funny? Kpop fans think their artists are original, when they are not. It’s unfair. When G-Dragon, Hyori, Boa, SNSD, 2pm and many other singers/idols are under plagiarism accusations, it’s okay. When a Vpop singer “copies” Kpop, it becomes a major issue among fans. What is up with the double standard? Why is it not applied to Kpop, but just people who supposedly copied them? And if Kpop is so advanced, why do they have to plagiarize? Lol. Hey, if your idols are plagiarizing, you should not point fingers. Talk about self-righteousness.
    And it’s is so freaking obvious some of the singers I mentioned plagiarized. If you go on Youtube and search "Kpop plagiarism," there are plenty of videos. But leave it to the fans to cover their tracks and go berserk in the process of doing so. Kpop is pretty unoriginal. It’s Japan that is fueling their flame. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of Korean dramas are from Japanese mangas, such as the hit drama, Boys over flower. There were a lot of Kpop fans who put down the Japanese version even when the acting in the Korean one was sub-par. Another thing that gets me going, is concept. Since when did Koreans have the rights to dyed, layered hair? And since when they did start the futuristic/edgy/preppy clothes? If I can recall, these are Western clothing. It’s so stupid what these fans claim.
    But, I have to admit their dance choreography is amazing! It matches the songs and it’s so different. But I guess you guys should know, a lot of the Korean companies hire dancers from other countries such as America and Japan to choreograph their idol’s dance.

    3. Anti-Christ.
    This is the same reason why I stopped listening to American music. I just hate subliminal messaging, especially when it’s against my beliefs. I know it’s hard to believe because a lot of Koreans are Christians, but if you do further research into this, you will know. This is another reason why Kpop is rising. They traded their morals for world fame. Look it up.

  3. There were many factors, but those listening to Kpop should discover it for themselves. And I would like to point out, that even though some singers were trained for a long time; they are still weak at singing and many other things. They are just there for eye candy. It’s sad and shallow when the eye candies are getting more attention than the talented ones. This has become the debate for many kpop fans I have come across. Kpop groups are focused more on their looks, which is a bad thing for younger audiences.

    You know what I think the downfall of Kpop will be? 1. The fans, 2. Lack of originality. 3. Rapid production of idol groups. If you listen to Kpop, you would know how each management company tries to develop and introduce a new group every 1 or 2 years. It’s hard to keep up with and it will build crazier, protective fans.
    The downfall of Vpop would be the same. The fans are getting really out of hand and they lack mannerism. I am not a fan of HKT and I’m aware that they have a lot of anti fans, but throwing rocks at them is not okay. Gee- I wonder where they might have gotten that idea. And what is sad is that, Vpop is still considered underdeveloped. Imagine that.. a country with underdevelopments and crazy fans. It would do more harm than good.

    Sorry for the rant. I apologize in advance if I offended anybody. The first two comments were also made by me.

    1. You wrote this garbage almost five years ago. Where is vpop convention that attracts people from all over north america every summer? None. Has vpop artists ever been featured in billboard magazine? No. Kpop is so popular that it has its own section in billboard magazine. And talking about lack of originality, all vpop singers do is mimicking kpop idols. Your whole music industry is based on coping and imitating kpop artists! Absolutely pathetic if you ask me.

    2. Vpop actually has gradually been on the rise. It's kind of hypocritical for you to say that Vpop artist copy kpop artist,considering the fact that many kpop artist copy other international artists. I'm Korean/Chinese and i live in Australia and honestly, i'm seeing a little bit more Vietnamese music. I enjoy some Vpop songs and some Kpop songs. They're both pretty good it's just the lack of money that differentiates the two (Excluding the language). I know many full korean friends who truly enjoy Vpop. I don't feel like you should discriminate a whole category of music. Honestly, if Vietnam was not as poor, then perhaps the music would be as big as Kpop.

    3. kpop is a phenomenon that can not be created by money or whatsoever. There are many more developed nations in the world like Germany or Norway but their music is not as popular in the world. I doubt Vpop would be as successfull as kpop if vietnam were developed and rich. Kpops unique character is rooted in the korean dynamic culture and language. And the sound of a language is also important for some kind of music genre. Vietnamese is too nasal for many foreign listeners.

    4. Opinion is only garbage under the eyes of zealots, first of all.
      Yes, I do admit that Anonymous's list is opinion (backed up with several real events, but nonetheless opinion). Essentially, that is what essays are; opinions backed up by fact. But to call it garbage is just an act of extremism. There is no such thing as a garbage opinion, just like the lack of a wrong opinion. There is no wrong opinion.

      Popularity does not change originality; in fact it can alter people's opinions. What this means; the popularity of an idea does not make it automatically more original, in any aspect, than another idea.

      Second, whether Vpop would be good or not if Vietnam was developed, is entirely speculation. There is no fact to prove this.
      "I doubt Vpop would be as successful as Kpop if Vietnam were developed and rich."
      This line is an opinion, a mean one, but purely opinion, not backed up by anything at all.

      The simple facts are that pop in Vietnam developed its pop culture a couple decades later than Kpop, proving a lack of industry, infrastructure, and popularity. This means that it hasn't had enough time to develop.
      It's only around 5 years old.
      Most Vietnamese music is actually classical style; concise and emotional, with a simple guitar accompaniment. Just look up Truong Vu, Nhu Quynh, etc. They are the kings of what is currently popular in Vietnam

      And saying "Kpop is a phenomenon that can not be created by money or whatsoever... ...Kpop's unique character is rooted in the Korean dynamic culture and language." That's rascist against Vietnamese people. You must accept the fact that every culture is unique. This is honest fact, not opinion. What your statement says above is stating that Kpop's success is not attributed to their long-term development, rather because they are better people. This is simply not true.

      So, wrapping up, you cannot call the first Anonymous's essay garbage. It's opinion. Albeit a strong one, due to the presence of evidence.
      Just because it conflicts what you believe doesn't make it garbage.
      You cannot imply that Korea's music is better because they are better people; that's racist. They simply had more time to develop their pop infrastructure and industry.

      Also, calling Kpop a phenomenon shows your bias towards it. Bias is not bad, but using ethnic inferiority/superiority bias in your statements is just unacceptable.

    5. Wow, jealousy and envy coming from vietnamese people are just unbelievable and pathetic. So any viet who listens to kpop is racist toward to their own kind? Well, if that is the case then count me in. Any reasonable, nomal human being could tell you that south korea is a lot developed and richer and have advanced culture. You can't stop people from liking another people's music and culture, so you might as let your uncontrollable anger go. It only make us more stupid. We already have enough trolls all over the youtube going around saying how vpop is better ect ect - When in reality vpop videos hardly ever get any views.

    6. Wow that's really rude. But I think kpop is popular because the language is very appealing, and yes repeated, many times above. KOREA IS RICH! And vietnam is still a developing country. I don't ever believe Vpop will ever be as popular as Kpop today but there is no need to simply bash the Viets who are trying to show pride in their own country's entertainment. I am Korean myself and I don't really enjoy kpop nowadays, it's kinda more of a foreigner thing. I do enjoy watching variety shows with kpop stars though :). And I think one day Vietnam will be booming financially, they are after all still recovering from a war. I think we need to stop putting each other down and face reality. Kpop is better than Vpop, but everybody has their own preferences on which they like better or which they preference more. I think Vpop is quite enjoyable personally, even though the beats are kinda... Cheap sounding and the audio isnt that good, the Vietnamese language is very foreign but also appeals to my ears. I'm so used to listening to Korean, and Chinese and Japanese music, and this refreshes me a lot. No hate please. Oh and I also think Vietnamese food is fantastic! Surprisingly Vietnamese food is quite popular and trendy in Korea for youths.

    7. I'm sorry if my grammar and English aren't well^^^ English is not my first language :)

    8. Anonymous of December 9:

      I am not stating that a Viet who listens to kpop is racist toward their own kind. I am stating that YOU are the racist one. I couldn't care less whether fellow Viets listen to kpop or not.

      "Advanced culture" = racism. For all those who care, it is directly in the statement. WOW. There is no such thing as advanced culture YOU are the racist.

    9. I would say kpop culture is pretty damn advanced, and it is south korea's creation. It sounds like you are in complete denial when just about every viets i know think south Korea is a thousand times better.

    10. Yes, I would wholeheartedly agree that KPOP culture is more advanced than VPOP culture is. There is no doubt about that.

      But when one states that Korea's culture is better than Vietnam's, that is 100% false. It is like stating America's culture is superior to England simply because it is wealthier. Both have beautiful histories, like Korea and Vietnam. I will deny anybody who states a culture is better than another's. It has been directly stated:

      Anonymous December 9, 2015 at 7:43 AM
      "Any reasonable, nomal human being could tell you that south korea is a lot developed and richer and HAVE ADVANCED CULTURE."

      In an analysis of this statement, seeing as how it is tied to a statement in economy; it is not linked to Kpop culture, rather, the definition inferring to societal culture.

      Oh, you should ask not only the teenage/young-adult demographic how many times better they think S.K. is. Ask anybody >30-40 years old; they will love their home more than any other random Asian country. Nobody would fight ~20 years for a Vietnam, whether Southern/Capitalist, or Northern/Communist, if they didn't love Vietnam in any way.

      HALF of our population fought teeth and nail against the U.S.A, eventually reversing their public support after 20 years. The strongest country in the world.

      The other half fought teeth and nail to preserve their own freedom.

    11. Tell me straight to the face that such a culture is inferior to Korea's, which only fought for 5 years. Their country is still divided.

      1/2 of our country fought successfully against the United States, destroying South Vietnam.
      (Albeit I AM Southern, so it does suck for me on many levels, but I digress).
      1/2 of Korea's could not fight successfully against the United States.

      With what our people have done, tell me that such a culture is inferior to Korea's.

      I'll say this: Korea's culture is not superior to ours, nor is ours to theirs. That has been what I have been stating the entire time.

    12. And of course, you completely ignored the fact that south Korean troops fought for your turd world country. You are a joke, just like your poor backward country - Filled with jealousy and envy.

    13. South Korea is under the obligation of the United States of America (from the Korean conflict), so when President Lyndon Johnson requested aid from South Korea, support from South Korea was guaranteed.

      Also, it is impossible for South Vietnamese troops to aid the Korean conflict, considering South Vietnam did not exist at the time. But they would have, if South Vietnam survived, and the Korean conflict was after the Vietnam conflict.

      Vietnam is a 2nd world country, not a 3rd world one. Review your knowledge and research before making a statement. If you want to say anything against 2nd world countries, look at China and Russia before stating anything.

      Your repetitive use of the words: "jealous", "envious", "pathetic", and "joke" really highlight your level of education. Especially when you don't know the difference between 3rd and 2nd world countries. Using these words over and over simply do not add to any argumentative prose that you may construct. I have seen these words several times in your comments, and it's kind of hilarious.

      You are just calling me jealous over and over again. That's just stupid. Calling me a joke repetitively does not add anything to your argument at all.

      I'm only trying to stop you from being racist towards Vietnam.

      I will say it again: there is no culture superior to another. Each one is beautiful in its own way.

    14. As a reference, my comments were:
      Anonymous December 1, 2015 at 5:04 PM
      Anonymous April 24, 2016 at 10:34 PM
      Anonymous May 2, 2016 at 10:17 PM
      Anonymous May 2, 2016 at 10:24 PM
      Anonymous May 3, 2016 at 8:48 PM

      Read over these comments, and use your brain. The only thing I've been trying to do is stop you from being racist against Vietnamese, and possibly other cultures.
      (I'm not the one who made the initial comment at the top, by the way. The sentence structuring and idea organization is completely different, if you couldn't tell).

      Attempt to make well crafted prose. Using the words I have revealed to you above again and again does not do anything, simply because the ideas you have stated have subjective (opinion-based) underlines. It is middle-school level.

      There is no culture superior to another. Each one is beautiful in its own way. If you talk to Vietnamese people over 25, then you would see that barely anyone is jealous of Korea. As a matter of fact, they don't care about Korea in any way.

      The only people jealous of Korea are the overseas girls who are able to surf the internet a lot, as far as I can tell. All of the girls in my own extended family is not jealous of Korea in any way. They love Kpop, but they are also Vietnamese at their core.

      I myself love binging anime, but that isn't to say I'm jealous of Japan. Also, I love listening to Kpop classics such as:
      Haru Haru - BigBang
      Wedding Dress - Taeyang (I play this on the piano)
      Fantastic Baby - BigBang
      I watched them when they came out, and I watch them now, along with my own collection of awesome Vpop songs.
      I recommend 2. Just take a listen:

    15. I am not jealous of Korea, nor am I of Japan. I am proud to be Vietnamese. I have ~5 Korean friends.

      Because of this, I understand that Koreans do not like Japanese all that much, considering Japanese invaded and attempted to oppress Korean culture multiple times.

      If you Koreans understand this feeling, then why are you doing it to us Vietnamese?

      Also, it's like saying Manhwa (Korean comic) is a copy of Manga (Japanese comic). I understand that they are similar, but I like both.
      I personally read 2 Manhwas:
      -The Gamer
      -Cavalier of the Abyss

      If you say that Vietnamese are Jealous of Kpop, then I can say that Koreans are jealous of Manga. Both of those statements are absolutely not true.

    16. My man (or lady), don't be like the Japanese. Just let me enjoy my own Vpop, Kpop, Apop, and Jrock music without calling me jealous. Don't be racist anymore. Enjoy your Kpop, while I enjoy a slice of everything.

    17. To be perfectly honest, I have been enjoying this debate experience. Thanks for that.

    18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    19. Kpop is a culmination of earlier influences from Japan and America. Kpop is not unique by any stretch of the imagination but it did well to attract a global audience through its bizarre, colourful, dance-focused MVs. So what if there is no global Vpop convention? Music is something that is personal at the core. Each individual can appreciate a song without having to hang around other rowdy fans. While its global reach isn’t as big, it’s recently started to penetrate into neighbouring countries like Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Where do you draw the line between copying and being influenced/inspired? Vietnamese music has traditionally been about the lyrics. I don’t care how popular a song/MV is because at the core I appreciate music utmost for its lyrical quality.

      Actually a large part of the reason why Kpop became so popular was due to the high budgets in their MVs. The rest was merely a precise aiming at the newer generation of youth who love cutesy singers with bizarre, colourful MVs. Norway has a much smaller population than Korea and Germany has historically not been very popular for its pop music. How do you know that Vpop wouldn’t become popular if Vietnam were at Korea’s current level of development? You don’t, you’re merely basing that off your own prejudicial poor excuse for an argument. Even right now there are countless songs that have over a dozen million views and have been received overwhelmingly positively. Korean dynamic culture? Kpop is a culmination of Japanese and American influences. Vietnamese in pop is nowhere near as nasal as you think. You obviously know little about Vpop or Vietnamese to be commenting on this.

      You claim to be Vietnamese and yet you seem to know jack shit about Vietnamese. Nobody cares that Kpop is more popular. I personally like a lot of Kpop songs but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating where Vpop has come in recent years. Again I can easily point towards plenty of Vpop songs with over several million views.
      As a brief intermission, to one of the other guys in the convo, Vietnamese can be warped and sung in such a way that it becomes more suitable for pop. If you listen to Kpop then you’d know that that’s not how Koreans usually speak, they’re merely bending the language to flow better and the same can be done for Vietnamese. Why is Kpop better than Vpop? Because of the MVs? Remember that MVs are superficial and that songs should be there for their meaning (lyrics). As a Vietnamese I can listen into many Vietnamese songs, which may not have such a great MV, and still appreciate the meaning behind it.

      Back to the ignoramus – Vietnam was dishevelled by various conflicts that scarred the place and stagnated its economy for no less than 3 decades. Its economy has over 40 million more mouths to feed and only started its recovery process 30 years after South Korea’s did. I’d also remind you that 1/3 of all Koreans are rotting in North Korea. Close to 25 million Koreans are stuck in a truly barbaric hellhole. Obviously this whole superior Korean culture and all that you claim cannot be attributed to those poor souls.
      The Koreans who fought in Vietnam were scum who abused their authority to commit various atrocities. If Vietnam’s backwards, I can’t wait to hear what you’d label North Korea as.

      Overall you’ve tried very hard but failed to ultimately convince anyone of the so-called Korean superiority. Once again I’ll amplify the fact that right now over 25 million Koreans are living in a hellhole. Vietnam is a frontier market soon to be industrialised and has a very interesting future ahead of it as its economy continues to be in full-swing. The Vietnamese are a united country (can’t say the same about Korea) with a long history of conflict and resolve. Nothing you say will change that. 

    20. My man, The~Vannarch, I love how it's us Vietnamese that can construct the best argumentative prose, contrary to the other Anonymous writer. Yours is leaps better than mine as well.

    21. With endless arguments and heartaches vietnam is still a poor, third world country which rely heavily on the east asia's culture and it's creations. NONE of vietnams fashion, tv shows, mainstream culture is created, produced by vietnamese people. So there you have it. That is your proud vietnamese culture in a nutshell. This far east VS south east asian argument is really lame and predictable. The sad truth is, is that east asians are about 50 years ahead of southeast Asia whether you like it or not.

    22. You have not listened to anything that was stated prior to this.

      1. Vietnam is a 2nd world country. Like China and Russia. I have said this before.

      2. You obviously do not know anything about mainstream Vietnamese culture. Obviously, mainstream Vietnamese culture is spoken in Korean (me being sarcastic). Why would our culture be in a language we don't even understand? Mainstream Vietnamese culture is Vietnamese. We don't have a strong Pop culture, but our traditional culture is alive and thriving (a reason why we don't switch to pop culture easily).

      Look up Miss Ao Dai Pageant. It is a fashion show popular among overseas Vietnamese and Vietnam itself. This is a single example.

      Traditional Vietnamese dramas compose of singular, couple minute skits. (Look up Paris by Night). Our songs are more traditional as well.

      You want to see Vietnam's culture? Watch Paris by Night. Everything is produced and created by Vietnamese people, with the backing of an American economy.

      3. There are two definitions: East Asian Locale, and East Asian Ethnicity.
      Under the Location definition, Vietnam is South-east Asian. This definition applies to nothing more than location grouping.

      Under the culture/ethnicity Definition, Vietnam is East Asian.

      Look up: "East Asian Cultural Sphere" or "Sinosphere"
      By definition: Any country whose culture was influenced by China.
      Included countries: China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea (S&N), and Vietnam.

      So technically speaking, Vietnam and Korea are both culturally East Asian. Your comparison between the two from a culture standpoint is invalid. We're both in the same culture group.

      You have not done any research at all.

    23. People from the FAR EAST (S.korea, japan, china, taiwan) looks completely different from your average vietnamese. They are whiter, industrious, possesses higher i.q. And most of all they have never been conquered by europeans. They are pure breed original asians (orientals). That is why koreans always referring to vietnamese people as "southern asians". In other words, they don't view you as same as they are.

    24. Of course, they don't view it as so. Everything is rooted in economics. Lets see how we view Vietnam in the next 20 years.

    25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    26. For someone who claims to be 100% Vietnamese, but seems to hate Vietnamese, guess what you basically hate yourself. I encourage you to learn more about colonial mentality and internalized oppression. It seems that is what you are experiencing and it's pretty sad. And with regards to your post:

      Anonymous January 13, 2018 at 6:00 PM

      "People from the FAR EAST (S.korea, japan, china, taiwan) looks completely different from your average vietnamese. They are whiter, industrious, possesses higher i.q. And most of all they have never been conquered by europeans. They are pure breed original asians (orientals). That is why koreans always referring to vietnamese people as "southern asians". In other words, they don't view you as same as they are."

      Let me just say this. The fact that you refer Koreans, Japanese, and China and Taiwan as possessing higher IQ, whiter and industrious than Vietnamese, I have to say that is so brazen of you to make that comment. Let me educate you. The fact that you said that, you have assimilated to the European culture. And do you know what "Internalized Racism" is? If you don't let me educate you:

      "Internalized racism occurs when a person of color assumes a racist attitude towards members of their same group, including themselves. It is a negative predictor of self-esteem.[4] Internalized racism is an effect of internalized colonialism in which colonized peoples lose their identities and begin to value the same things as the colonizing society. This often happens unconsciously over a long period of time. The impact of internalized colonialism can be seen in the practice of skin whitening found in places like the Philippines, Nigeria, and Korea."

      Vietnam and Filipino were colonized and so was China (remember Hong Kong?), also the real Taiwanese are aboriginals (Austronesians) who are closely related to Filipinos. The mentality that white is beautiful is an oppression that Europeans ingrained on Asians (which is really sad). And you say Koreans are pure breed, then if that is the case, why then they try so hard to look westernized (i.e. double eye lid, making their nose taller, and skin whiter)...hmmm.. you just contradicted what you claim you know about "orientals." And oh yeah by the way that word "oriental" is actually a derogatory word. It only used to call an object/thing, not a person. So before you or anyone try to oppress other Asians about how "superior" your race is, well basically, you just have proven yourself as an IDIOT! SAD!

      To The~Vannarch....Thank you for your educated response to this idiot!

    27. Why do so many viets get triggered by being called poor, unoriginal, copycats and undeveloped people? Maybe truth hurts? And the term "oriental" exist because east asians are from the far east orient. There is nothing racist about that word. Asia is a huge continent with lots of different nationalities and ethnicities. Do you think orientals want to lumped with brown third worlders like filipino, thais, viets, cambodians, malays pacific islanders, indians, turks and pakis? And from what I have seen online and in real life non orientals desperately want to latch onto something that doesn't belong to them. I laugh every time I hear some southeast asian says "WE are as same as japanese/koreans/Chinese, we are all asian" rhetoric. Stop envying, stop denying, stop copying and STOP try to ride on someone else's coattails.

    28. Dream on because it doesn't cost anything to be delusional. China, Japan, South korea are richer than most of european countries and your beloved vietnam is poorer than romania and nigeria. Vietnam is way down there with the rest of poor africans. Your country and its economy is nothing to brag about. There is a large number of vietnamese and all sorts of southeast asian migrants working in south korea and japan. Why is that? All you patheric vietnamese peasants do is talk big online. All talk, no substance. Can you say JEALOUSY?

    29. lol, S.E asian people always bring up korean plastic surgery. Do you realize that south korea generates BILLIONS of dollars on plastic surgery industry? People from all over the world go to south korea to get their face "fixed". It takes brain, skill and talent to be the number one in the world. Can you say same about vietnam? So you can take hour lame argument elsewhere. People want to see good looking chicks dancing and singing. Good luck trying to compete with your all natural plain looking singers and actresses with no talent. I think vietnamese need to focus on how to make their entertainment industry more original and unique instead of busy coping south koreans. Smh

  4. :x I'm sppechless with the above comments. Amazin job done there Anonymous! I 200% agree agree agree!!!! If only every crazy Viet Kpop fans could recognized this and would stop being hateful towards Vpop. I'm dont know why these fans would even post unnecessary hateful and meaningless comments that is not helpful to our Vpop artists/groups/Entertainment. What a pity. :( Thanks Admin(s) for the updates! :D

  5. Btw, I didn't know Bao Thy and Thuy Tien had plastic surgery!!! I kinda guessed that money was a problem in the Vpop industry! The explanations of this post are all true and agreeable. I think we need more girl groups and boy groups with an original style or something we can call " Vpop" and differentiate ourselves from other countries. :3 when will that day come??? ;(

  6. I didn't know about Bao Thy either. I have always questioned the bump on her chin, but she looks the same from her predebut pictures. Although her fans did say the only thing she got done is her teeth, idk.

  7. Did you guys know Bao Thy was in a girl group called "Angel" way way way back in the day? Gosh I wish I could find her old pictures >.< She looked so different back then. But I love how she looks now so it doesn't matter anyway.

    Oh yea, just out of curiosity; what is YOUR ideal Vpop girlband/boyband?? What would you like to see?

    1. Not to be a hater or anything, but I really don't like the concept of Vietnamese pop songs at all. It just sounds plain weird. I am 100% Vietnamese so sometimes when I hear the pop songs, it just sounds soo.. needy if that makes any sense. I like Vietnamese love songs that are slow and have "real" meanings behind them. V-pop just plainly doesn't sound right.. Idk why. I try not to hate cause it's my own country but I guess it's the combination of the Vietnamese accent and the pop that doesn't sound right.

    2. The concept isn't the only problem. Vpop as a whole is seriously lacking good song writers, good looking young talents who can sing and DANCE. We do not have either one of em. Of course we need to establish an entertainment company with plenty of resources like south korea does. But the state of current economy we are in seems like a pipe dream.

  8. Yes, I knew she was in a band. Lol, I came across the videos a couple of months ago.
    I think she looks the same, but she was skinner back then. Yeah, I love how she looks now too. She has really nice eyes.

  9. I’m sorry, I keep on having to cut off my comment.
    Of course, Vpop bands still need improvement, but I really 365 and YO! Girls. There are some things they need to work on, like choreography. Tronie needs to work on making his rap a little smoother. Regardless, I think they’re pretty good. The things that I love about Yo! Girls is that they can sing live really well. They are very persistent (as proven in SBSS).
    I think personality makes a group, and the two groups I mentioned have very nice personalities.
    Another thing that makes a group is their music video. I know this is the company’s and the director’s portion, but still, it really says a lot about the group. There are some mvs by 365 that I is good, but I always think they can be better. The same goes for Yo! Girls. The song “Hanh phuc trong em” is really catchy, but the music video is a kind of … low budget?
    For the other bands, I think they need to sing live. Even if they are dancing, they should have a back track while they sing. But that’s where resources come in. lol?

  10. Yea I agree with what you said Anonymous.. but don't you think that 365 and X5 (YO!girls) have an advantage since they were on a reality TV show?? That's one way for fans to get to know them better, and know their personalities. But most groups these days are not that lucky and they usually start out with a low budget so what could they do to show people their personalities? ^^ JW

    Yea, I agree "Hanh Phuc Trong Em" was pretty good, better than their debut song (Quen Di) in my opinion.

    And I think some singers started to do the backtrack thing while singing over it but it was still a mess cuz our technology is not that advanced yet.. :(

  11. @goviets!

    Yes, you are right. I got to know Yo!girls via SBSS.
    Well, besides a tv show, singers have blogs, fansites, and Facebook. I follow 365 on Facebook and they're really nice. Now they are very busy, but before they would respond to their fans. I follow Bao Thy as well and when she gets the chance, she responds to her fans.

    Yeah, I didn't like "Quen Di" either, but I did prefer that mv to "Hanh phuc trong em."
    I've come across some singers who had backtracks and they were pretty good. That's sad though.

  12. I think 365 is successful cuz they're more geared toward international (and they're pretty cute too). And VAA has really good marketing tactics which is good. cuz we know about 356 wayyyy before they even debut...unlike the other groups

  13. Yes, VAA has really good marketing tactics and connections. She knows so many people in the industry. Also, she is a big star in VN, and whatever project she has going on, people will pay attention.

  14. Whoops by she I mean Ngo Thanh Van.

  15. I wish VAA would take in more singers.. a girl group maybe... ;)

  16. I think they are in the process of making a girl group.
    The girl on left is a VAA trainee. She's in a lot of 365's mvs. I don't know about the one on the right.

  17. Wow there's finally an article I can definitely relate to! I've been wondering about this myself as well as I have heard many talented Vietnamese singers but none of them have gained popularity outside Vietnam. Another reason I would like to contribute to this discussion would also be the fact that even the Vietnamese general public lack support for their own music and entertainment. Lots of Vietnamese have the tendency to compare things. We tend to be more critical of us and are more generous towards other "superior" countries. I know many Vietnamese kids who are adamant about listening to Kpop rather than Vpop. They deny their own country's music and always compare Vpop negatively to Kpop. The points you made before are correct about what Vpop is lacking. But despite these lack of resources, we also need more pride in our people and culture. The entertainment business could prosper even more if the Vietnamese people embraced and supported their celebrities. Many Vietnamese Americans don't know much about Vpop except Thuy Nga and old song. However, if we can start bonding together and promoting the new Vpop to Vietnamese around the world, this support could eventually lead to establishing a more professional and polished entertainment business for Vietnam.

  18. Undeniable Kpop is most popular pop music in Asia. However, In Vietnam, Kpop is only popular among Vietnamese internet youths. I went to many Cafe shops, beauty salons, and many other places....etc. I has not seen the present of Kpop. There's Channel in Vietnam which promotes Kpop but it draw very little viewers.

    Vietnam music industry is dominated with those ballad love songs. The old Vietnamese generations they loyal with the "Nhac Sen" gene.

    Kpop is only popular among internet youths especially Vietnamese youths oversea who spend countless hours on youtube and surfing. And this group is only a small portion of those who listen to music.

    I myself do like a few Kpop song with nice rythm, not really a fan of it.

  19. This is speaking my mind! Took the words right out of my mouth.

    There is this odd sentiment amongst young Vietnamese people, particularly those overseas who are ashamed of VPOP. The mere fact that the song is sung in Vietnamese makes them disregard it and not even give it a chance.

    I, myself, am a big kpop fan but that is not to say I don't appreciate music outside of kpop. What really irritates me as a Vietnamese person is the whole notion that Korea and to some extent, Koreans, are better than others. KPOP fans not only idolise their idols but also everything that their idol embodies - the nationality, the style, everything they do. It's borderline insane and ridiculous. VPOP is small and slowly growing and I have faith in it after seeing the quality and passion of people such as Duong Khac Linh and the staff of Early Risers Media Groupr (X5). Young Vietnamese talents overseas are also returning to Vietnam to bring what they've learnt overseas back to Vietnam.

  20. Nile Lata (FBE) a.k.a NILEGENDNovember 15, 2012 at 9:19 AM

    Ppl. have to be patient! A nation like VN can't expect to achieve the same success in 1 year that took KR 30 years to cultivate. The question I ask is: does VN have a blueprint for success (that is - a 5-year or 10-year plan.. or are they doing it day-by-day)? It seems that they (and other nations) look at other Pop scenes; see what works sonically and visually; copies it; and rides the wave, instead of creating their own thing and being the pioneer of it. Ppl tend to gravitate toward different over trendy, and when you do it long enough, then YOU become the trend.

    Having your OWN success is better than having the success of others; always remember that.

  21. Such great, amazing and observational points I totally agree! Well, my guilty pleasure is KPop...I really am disappointed in the Viet fans of Kpop and KDramas, the idolize this culture and trend to the point that they despise their own nationality and country. It does really make it hard for VPop and other Vietnamese entertainment to rise and succeed as well as Kpop. It's true it took Korea a while to become this big, but it would probably take Vietnam longer with the way the majority of the people are acting. They've thrown away their pride for their country...I still listen and support Kpop to an extent but I will support Vpop to the end! I just wish it will rise while I'm still in my younger years where it is more acceptable to fangirl and get excited when I see my favorites perform. Vietnam just needs to improve as a country before they can influence the world with their culture or entertainment. I wish that day comes but I hope Vietnam will not look down on other still developing countries like how Korea does that with Vietnam. Since Vietnam is still developing, I hope they keep that in mind and not become so racist or think they are superior than others as Korea is now. Koreans really do look down on any country or person that isn't European, UK, US, or Korean. It's depressing...well lots of things in life are depressing, but this Hallyu and Kpop insanity is getting out of's a real big illusion, who knows how long it will last b/c it took so long to reach this point...Sorry for the long rant hehe...

  22. Hey Guys, Well... to be honest, today is the first day that I hear some Vpop Music, I like it! ^^ But also i'm being fan of the Kpop music sence 2010 (yeah, i know, not to long ago x'D) AND when i read about this, I feel sad' u.u' I think V-Music it's also good, and i totally understand what you mean about the money thing :l
    You Know, I'm from Guatemala and here the artist can go to big becouse we dont have enough money or big stages or good visual efects too :l (even when i dont like the music of my country x'D) so... yeah, thats one reason, the other thing... about the visual look of the idols, I have to say that I'm not right with you, let's be honest... ALL the artist, no matter where country they are, they ALL change their image just to be on top of the atention, even if it's not surgery, it's the diet or the makeup, the cloth, wherever so... and i have to say that i see really good looking boys and girls in the V-Industry so far, so they also do something to look good for their fans ^^ ... even us, like... we dont go around with a messy hair right? so in that part i personaly think is not right.
    About the fans, YEAH, that one thing to talk about, you know talking about some Kpop fans, yeah, some of them are C r a z y , BUT big part of them also make a really good job expanding the love of their idols, like ELF, fans of Super Junior... well, this girls in Korea report pretty much EVERYTHING about them, even once they report the moment when Eunhyuk and Donghae went to the bathroom of a TV Show together and all the fans start joking around like: "Hey, we have the EunHae in the Bath at: 10.00 AM" x'D
    but the point is... part of making an artist big, it's becouse of the fans, so if you guys like the V-Music and wanna make it big around the world... Keep going!, like in my case, i dont find to much info' about V-Musica :l so, that one thing that you have to work on, like... post info', photos, news, you know, stuff like that to make the world put some atention in the V-Artists ^^ also make events! :D like a video in youtube sending love to one of your fav' idols, they well see that they have beautiful fans supporting them and expanding the message, so... dont feel bad, some times it's better when your music is not know becouse it make it more special, and also you can avoid some hurting comments of other people that really dont know anything about it' ¬¬ OR the most importat thing... win "fans" just becouse they are a trend... Believe me, thats the WORST, becouse this people is the one who make you look bad for follow this artist, dont go so far... the Directioners or Beliebers are firce, but also, are really out of their minds, and meke you see the artist like: "Oh, poor kids" and we dont want that right?
    Like in Kpop... the sassaeng fans REALLY make us look bad u.u' even the artist think they are disgusting, it's sad seeing your fav' idol smiling even for those crazy fans, so please... take things with calm, support, dont make them lose their lives like the Kpop artist are doing in this days' :l

  23. vpop will never be as popular as kpop because, suprise! (not really) vietnamese is a really ugly sounding language. any language that relies heavily on tone is going to sound ugly as hell. that's why asian languages like korean, japanese, filipino, etc sound better, because you read it phonetically like english.

    1. You're probably a die hard fan that has nothing to do other than Defend your precious Kpop and looks down on other asain countries. Your comment sounds bitchy asf. No need to be salty about viet pop.

    2. Look who's talking - butt hurt viet bitching. No one is defending kpop because everyone knows it is a thousand times better than vpop. Vpop is unlistenable garbage.

    3. Vpop isn't going nowhere because it sucks so bad. Weird sounding language, cheesy boring sounding songs, plain looking people with horrible dance skills, wannabe kpop music videos, wannabe kpop fashion. It appears to me that vietnam is trying so hard catching up to almighty kpop but everything they have tried so far has been nothing but epic failed attempts ....

  24. I personally think the v-pop industry are STILL are under development. (Though I'm still waiting)

    When I find the v-pop songs on youtube they are all so similar to each other. And most Viet tends to have that weird voice when they sing. I just think languages like Viet, Thai and Chinese are not pop material. Because of the tones. In the Korean language they don't have that as well as the English language, even though many Koreans are speaking as if it was a tonal language, but in fact many people finds it attractive and cute (aegyo).

    Of the V-pop music I have found on youtube, they all are sad love songs, it's ALWAYS about this girl who leaves you and you can't get over her. I can't mention any right now but I will post them when I got time and remember this post. So yeah it's just too similar... as least to me it is.

    Last thing, I actually do like 365 :-D I love the fact that they look natural and I can actually recognize each members voice when singing, which is just lovely, they don't overlap each other which makes it easy to hear their talents. I have trouble with some k-pop groups. Especially the ones with more than 5 members. 365 has improved a lot in their MV's, I now that they want to stand out but I don't think they should stand out too much, like their latest MV with Alice in Wonderland theme. That was just way too weird and creepy. And when it's like that people don't like it, because that is mainstream in the k-pop. My suggestion is:
    - make awesome choreographies
    - write ballads, rock etc. (try out different genres but again don't spread too much from classical to heavy metal)
    - find a new audience (but still keep in contact with the current fans)
    - make a funny or weird (not too weird) name, like I actually don't like "365daband" because that name is just not catchy at all.
    - most important: appear on TV SHOWS (actually I have no idea if there's any in Vietnam but in Korea they have soooo many, Running Man is my fav.)
    - make lots of short video clips of the true you or your life as well. Looking at 365's youtube channel I don't find ANY videos of the guys. Actually I once saw a video of Will baking some muffins and I thought that was soooo hilarious :-D "you have to stir it only in one direction or else the muffins will fail" HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH so friggin adorable (sorry that's my humor) WAY more of that please. And when I look up MBLAQ they have more then 55,000 clips. That is insane and I've only got to watch about 50 of them. But the clips show how they are, what they do, how their relationship is with each other, how they give advice etc.

    Wow this got quite long after all and I'm not sure if I finished. 365 I'm cheering for you. Lots of love from Denmark!!

  25. I forgot to mention that the tonal languages are more in the classical genre.

  26. One important reason...lack of beats in Vietnamese music. You can see most of the hit songs amongst teens have strong beats, something that is still missing in vietnamese music. I have been trying to learn vnese for an year and due to lack of free online resources I keep trying to listen to vn songs, but frankly speaking they just put me to sleep.

  27. First will be last. The Last will be first. Vietnam's time will come. As for Vietnam being a tonal \ harsh language, it wasn't that long ago, when most people thought korean wasn't a pretty language. Also, vietnamese chicks are way cute.
    - korean guy

    1. First will be on top forever and last will always be jealous of those who are better than them. Also Korean chicks are a thousand times hotter than Vietnamese chicks.

      Vietnamese guy

  28. Hi there, I need a little help... I'm a Korean commercial producer working in Seoul trying to figure out which Korean boy bands have recently starting gaining popularity this year in Vietnam apart from BigBang, Beast, Shinee, and Super Junior for an up coming project. Directions to any fan blogs or sites with related info would much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

  29. This article was written 3 years ago ... and nothing has changed. Vpop still sound corny, super cheesy and over all ... lack of originality. Vpop still sucks.

  30. Hi guys. What you think of Min from St319 Dance? The group is originally known for Kpop dance covers and now branching out to Vietnamese music with one of its female dancers:

  31. Specifically these Min videos:

  32. I kind of agree with the anon two comments above me. V-Pop hasn't changed that much, and many songs are cheesy-sounding and just doesn't suit a wide audience like K-Pop does. However, there are rare cases where V-Pop really strikes, and I just found one yesterday. Em Cua Ngay Hom Qua, by Son Tung M-TP. It's the first Vietnamese pop song I've had on repeat since Thu Cuoi by Mr. T and Yanbi. These songs are seriously so good. Other Vietnamese artists need to follow ASAP.

    1. Son tung is nothing but a Korean wannabe poser. He copies off of g dragon and t.o.p.

    2. ^ @Anonymous Talent Or Looks? Which really matters?

    3. Even though i think he has talent and potential, he has problem about copyright.
      From the first he claimed that he wrote all those songs and also created the beats which were proved later to be "copied" from Korean songs.

      Sơn Tùng M-TP "Nắng Ấm Xa Dần" --- As One "Monologue"

      M-TP Sơn Tùng "Cơn Mưa Ngang Qua" --- Namolla Family "sarangi mareul deutjianha"

      M-TP Sơn Tùng "Cơn Mưa Ngang Qua 3" --- BANG YONG GUK "I Remember"

      M-TP Sơn Tùng "Em đã đến lúc thức tỉnh" --- Jieun "Going Crazy"

      M-TP Sơn Tùng "Em Của Ngày Hôm Qua" --- Exid "Every Night"

    4. Song tong have been watching and listening to too much kpop. He thinks he can fool entire world with his cheesy, pathetic imitation of kpop idol. We need to find our OWN style of music. South korea's mainstream music is way too advanced to be copied. And us vietnamese have failed miserably try to imitate someone else's creation. Embarrassing!

  33. Hmm.. V-Pop.. I'll look into it.

  34. I think there's a huge difference of being influenced and straight up copying a style. They are building from the ground up and in a different position than South Korea, but that does not mean they are inferior. The history of Vietnam is complex and rich....they were dealt bad hands and to be where they are today economically is quite of an achievement for a country that's been through countless wars. I believe Vietnam will make a mark with their music and acting industry in the future.

  35. I read an article last week that by the end of 2025 south Korea will reach top eight economic power on the planet, ahead of england and france. I don't think we will ever catch up south Korea's success and creativity due to our poor economy. Sad but true.

  36. I have never been into Vpop until recently. I think all your points are extremely valid. However, I believe Vpop has evolved since 2011. I truly believe Vpop is now ready to take the next step. It's a shame that you don't update your blog anymore since there aren't many sites that provide Vpop news to international fans. Because I want Vpop to continue to grow, I started my own Vpop blog. Check out VpopFan.

  37. I think it has to do with the language. My non Asian fans say Vietnamese language sounds like Filipino, hard to hear and learn. It's like me who don't like the sound of Mandarin, so I don't watch Cdramas no matter how good ppl say they are.

    1. Chinese and southeast asian languages sounds vile. It does not sound right

    2. korean and japanese language are derived from chinese, and many words sound similar.....

  38. Vpop is epic fail outside of vietnam because

    1. Crappy, cheesy, outdated 1984 sounding music

    2. No originality. Vpop isn't only "influenced" by kpop, it is blatant copy of kpop.

    3. Ugly sounding language

    4. Ugly, plain looking singers/idols with absolutely no talent

    5. It's vietnamese. No one cares about vietnam

    Trying to catch up to kpop is like me saying i am going to climb mt.everest with my two hands ....