Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Discovery of New Singers: # 2 Ha Anh Vu

Supermodel Ha Anh might be familiar to some people who followed Vietnam's Next Top Model last season because she was one of the judges.  She is one of the most established and successful model in Vietnam.  Ha Anh started modeling in the UK in 2006 and had won many awards and represented many famous international brands, some including Gucci, DKNY, Chloe, Toni and Guys., etc.

After being on "Cap Doi Hoan Hao", Ha Anh decided to switch gear from modeling to singing.  Singing is not something new to her since she took vocal classes at British Academy of Music UK before along with obtaining a Business-Marketing degree at University of Reading UK.  

(Ha Anh & her partner Ho Trung Dung)

This is their performance for Week one + introduction:

On November 30th, Ha Anh released her newest single called "Model-Take My Picture".  This song was written by Antoneus Maximus, the guy who wrote and performed Em So Dep from De Mai Tinh, and it was produced by Duong Khac Linh. So.................Are you guys ready for it???

Personally, I am very impressed with this music video.  It's very modern and different from what we're used to with Vpop Mvs.  The song is also catchy in my opinion.  The MV was well put together as a whole and looks very professional.  Her outfits are very sexy but hey, she looks good in them.  Oh yea, another thing, her English is also pretty darn good.  (I'm usually not very fond of Viet singers singing in English ^^)  Is she gonna be a successful model-turns-singer like Ho Ngoc Ha?  Or is she gonna be not so successful like Ngo Thanh Van.  I just noticed something...All of the supermodels that I just mentioned tend to focus on modern and upbeat music more-perhaps it's because they're more open-minded and daring :)

Not many people in Vietnam are fond of Ha Anh for some reason.  I've read some stuff that people wrote about her that are very very rude.  Saying how she's not pretty and that her lips are annoying, blah blah blah. Gosh, when are they gonna stop being judgmental and start focusing on real talents instead???!?! Nevertheless, I think Ha Anh is a very intelligent woman, she knows everything there is to know about modeling, and she handles herself very well.  I wish her the best of luck and I'm anxious to find out what she has in store for us!

Here are some more pictures from the Single Release event:


  1. WOW, I’m in awe! Her English is very good. I’m not cringing like when I’m listening to Khong Tu Quynh or other VNese singers sing in English. No offense to KTQ though. I like her VNese songs, but when she sings in English… *cringe*

    Okay, Ha Anh Vu's voice is not the best, but she’s not bad either. Her voice fits this upbeat song perfectly. The music video is awesome! If Ha Anh Vu danced more and had good choreography, this would be the bomb! Regardless, this mv is very fun and professional-looking. I LOVE IT!! (Can you tell that I’m excited? :D)

    What’s wrong with her lips? I don’t see anything wrong!?! I think she’s good looking and very confident. It’s a plus that she went to school before pursuing a singing career. That’s a great role model (pun not intended). I’m just grateful that HAV is bringing something new to the Vpop scene. Vpop is filled with so many sad love songs, it’s ANNOYING.
    Bashing on her because of her lips is shallow. When will Vpoppers learn that it takes BOTH singer and fans to improve Vpop? If they want singers to improve, they should learn to be civilized.
    Ngo Thanh Van is not a good singer, but I respect that she is very hardworking. Ho Ngoc Ha is awesome, but after “My apologies,” she kind of went downhill. :o

    I’m impressed with the music video and the song. I hope HAV keeps it up. :D BTW, I love “Em so dep.” Antoneus Maximus is awesome. :D
    Just one thing.. the talking at the beginning was creepy.

  2. It's the first time I've heard of Ha Anh Vu, and she's a surprising one I have to say. There are times where she does look attractive, and times where she doesn't. Mainly because her actual body physique > facial features. :( Sorry guys.

    Whether I can call this vietnamese pop, probably not for the reason that she didn't sing in Vietnamese. One of the things I like about asian pop, is language - fascinating, and distinguishes itself from mainstream. For me personally the actual language & voice of singer will determine the origin.

    e.g. Asiatix's - some call it kpop as they are koreans, however for me its American music.

    It's alright to have some english here and there, but once its english > (other language) ... I question.

    The video is high quality, I have to admit the song is catchy though I wished she tone down the sex appeal a tad down.

    On a good note, her english is excellent and does have what it takes to do well. I hope to hear more upbeat Vietnamese songs from her, and also vocally as well ( not because she's a bad singer, just didn't get much vocal due to the club/dance genre).

    Sorry for the critisms, I'm just really optimistic in seeing the development of Vpop :D

  3. edit* e.g. Aziatix's ''Slipping Away''

  4. She does have good English and a very attractive body. Idk but I keep thinking of Gwen stefani and lady gaga when I was hearing her sing. Weird huh? The song is still catchy though! Hopefully, she can be as good as HoNgocHa in the future to prove her haters wrong. She's indeed a very smart women! :) agreed that the beginning is creepy and so was the part he was uploading her pictures. I liked how they did the credits at the end. Creative.

  5. ha anh vu is vietnamese prostitute !

  6. Ha Anh Vu is beautiful, talented and very intelligent . Her lip is very sexy . Keep the good work Ha Anh!