Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chi Thien is "Me Hoac" by some girl!

Chi Thien has been on the down-low lately and we haven't heard much from him.  He released a few songs this year but nothing big.  Chi Thien is now ending this year with a fresh MV called "Me Hoac" (I like the name :p)

One of the songs that Chi Thien released recently has a super duper long title..are you ready for it??? it's called "Hay Noi Yeu Thoi, Dung Noi Yeu Mai Mai".  That's like 2 titles in one song ^^ It's a pretty good song, however it didn't create a hype among the fans and it's probably because this song was already sung by Mr.Siro awhile back.

Chi Thien has been doing a lot of little shows here and there this year therefore he hasn't been working any big music project.  As the year is ending, he had finally released a new MV!

I think this song is good, and he looks bomb! however, I felt like he didn't have any energy in here, especially when he dances.  I love his jackets in here though, I have a thing for guys who wear these kind of jackets, it's a super turn on for me :) So overall, I'm happy with this MV.

Also check out his recent MV "Hay Noi Yeu Thoi, Dung Noi Yeu Mai Mai" (Gosh, my fingers get tired from typing the title :p)

Please also check out his live performance of this song.  He has such charisma when he talks :)

Recent pictures:

Although he's been quiet lately, but he's still super duper cute.  Let's hope that he will be more active in the year of 2012!

P.S.  Chi Thien will be joining Bang Di as 2 DJs for a brand new show "Toi Lam DJ"


  1. Based on the name of the song "Me Hoac", I was thinking of a pop song or something similar. It's a good song, when I'm in the mood for it. :) He's so thoughtful and caring for his audience! I've been noticing he's sing lots of sad songs now a days. He sure is quite quite these days. Maybe he's doing some big project soon. Hopefully...