Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vietnam Idol Uyen Linh's amazing live show!

Ever since her win on Vietnam Idol, we haven't heard much from her regarding album, big shows, or anything! But seems like Uyen Linh has been occupied with live shows at popular lounges in Vietnam!

I have discovered some of her performances on Youtube and wanted to share with you all! All I have to say is that she is phenomenally talented! Enjoy :)

A very famous song sung by Uyen Linh while she was on Vietnam Idol - Chi La Giac Mo. This is my favorite song that she has performed. She has so much emotions and great control over her voice!

Next, Uyen Linh did a cover from Adele..yes an ever-so-popular song, Someone Like You. When I saw the title, I cringed and prayed that Uyen Linh would do a good job because not a lot of Vietnamese singers can cover great American songs..granted their English is so limited and their pronunciation is just simply horrible..but to my surprise, Uyen Linh did so freaking amazing on this song! Her English pronunciation should be praised for someone who has never even left Vietnam before! Her cover is fantastic!

Thoi Anh Da Ve - another amazing performance by Uyen Linh! I started loving this song after hearing Minh Tuyet singing it years and years ago, but now that Uyen Linh is singing brings me completely different emotions..she has a lot of soul and her singing techniques are amazing!

The posted videos above are the most viewed on Youtube. I really hope Uyen Linh will gain more and more popularity! She is extremely talented and was born to be a singer! Right?? I really adore Uyen Linh not only for her singing talents, but also her charisma on stage. She does not seem to be trying "too hard" to impress people in terms of how she looks, but once on stage, she pours her heart and soul into her performances, and we can really see that through her singing! It seems like nothing big is going on for her right now though, unfortunately. But I wish her the best of lucks in the future!!!

Are you guys fans of Uyen Linh too?!!

You can follow Uyen Linh and listen to many more of her performances on her Facebook @

Thank you so much for reading!