Monday, December 19, 2011

The Discovery of New Bands #3: Rainbow Boys

Let's continue our "Discovery of New Bands" series with a new and fresh boy band: Rainbow Boys

I've heard of this band awhile ago while reading a fellow Vietpopper's blog "Chuonie", but I wanted to wait until they release their first MV to introduce them.  Rainbow Boys was actually formed on April 4, 2011; however, they just recently released their first MV on December 11, 2011 (?)

This boyband consists of 7 members, the biggest boyband in Vietnam up to date: Ryan Hải Đăng, Anthony Nguyễn Hoàng, Ira Hoàng Thy, Neo Trọng Khang, Benjamin Bảo Trung, Orson Tiến Quốc, and Willie Thanh Quân. They're under the management of Phuong Viet Entertainment.  The company is currently managing a girlband called Rainbow Girls also (We'll introduce them when they debut/release MV on December 21, 2011)

Ryan Hai Dang

Anthony Thanh Hoang

Ira Hoang Thy

Neo Trong Khang

Benjamin Bao Trung

Orson Tien Quoc

Willie Thanh Quan

Out of all of them, I think Ira and Orson are the cutest.  But let's not judge too fast because in the end...I'll support real talents regardless of their looks.

Each boy in Rainbow Boys has his own talents; some can write songs, some has exceptional good vocals and some can really groove with their moves ^^ The boys are also pretty tall for Vietnamese boys, the shortest is 1m76 (5'77) tallest is 1m82 (5'97).  Their first album "Rainbow Boys" was released on November 11, 2011 and all of the songs were written by the two members Ira Hoàng Thy & Neo Trọng Khang.  That's something to praise them for right? :)  

Please watch one of their rehearsals

Some of them really have swag when they dance :) (I like the second song they did)

Alright, without further adue, let's watch their first MV "Walk Away" shall we?

hmmm..what to say about this MV?  I think it's a good wasn't convincing enough for me but I do think they have potential if they practice more.  One thing I DO NOT like about this MV is the eyeliner, not because "it's a Kpop thing", but because I really don't think they look good wearing eyeliner... The song is not bad, just not that unique.  And the dancing...I feel like they did a better job in their rehearsing video.  Overall, I think they're a boyband with potential :) Oh yea, my favorite is the rapper guy- Orson :)

This is it for now, if you would like to find out more about them, please visit their FACEBOOK page.  You can also find more videos of them on their YOUTUBE channel.


  1. Not bad, I'll keeping watching them.

    One thing I don't like is their group name.

  2. Wow, I really like the rapper. He's so charismatic and cute! :)
    The song is not bad; I especially like the rap parts. The dancing is okay, but the music video is pretty good.
    I like them. :)

  3. I think that Rainbowl Boys will be a professional boy bands in the future and i always support them...I saw Anthony and Ryan in life. They were very nice and good looking ^^

  4. @Pax Le: aww did you? that's awesome! I like them too! I especially like Orson, the boy can rap :)

  5. Thx for the mention admin! Lolz. I like the rapper too! His rap was more smoother and less harsh compare to other rappers I've heard of. True that the MV isn't as unique as I thought it would be. The rehearsal was better than the MV. Yes, the eyeliner was a bit overdue on some of the boys. Wish them the best of luck and make lots of improvements in the near future! Thx admin <3!!!