Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thuy Tien Did What????

Last night at Thong Nhat Stadium, Thuy Tien tried to ride her horse from the entrance all the way to the stage! Say what??? Yup! she did!

In her new MV called "Van Mai Yeu Anh", Thuy Tien rides a horse while wearing a sexy little outfit .  Apparently Thuy Tien didn't want the horse to go to waste therefore she brought it on stage (at least attempted to).

Thuy Tien failed to get the horse on stage because of the hectic big crowd.  The horse couldn't make it through the crowd therefore Thuy Tien had to get off half way and continue on with her performance.

Thuy Tien is the first singer in Vietnam to ever bring a horse on stage, quite impressive right? She definitely knows how to hype up the crowd! 

Seems like Thuy Tien is picking up Ho Ngoc Ha's old fashion style eh?

Please check out "Van Mai Yeu Anh" 

It sucks that this MV got a lot of negative feedbacks on Youtube (Youtubers suck!) I really like this song, Thuy Tien always has good songs.  I do agree with some Youtubers that she might have tried too hard to be sexy and seductive with her lingerie outfit.  Nevertheless, I still like the song :) 

P.S.  After fixing her teeth and other things, Thuy Tien is starting to look a lot prettier! :) 


  1. I really love the NaNas in the song plus the rap. Props to her for trying to get the horse up the stage and props to the trainer. She is getting prettier!!! Idk, if she has plastic surgery excluding the teeth fixing part. I think she might need to work on the dance for this song. I like the white dress in a white background part of the MV but it's ruined by the ladder. I think if the replaced it with a swing instead of the ladder, she could still get the same effect. She is indeed a good composer! All her songs are unique and some can be catchy!

  2. wow the music video quality is great, I love how its all simple and she's amazingly gorgeous. If she didn't wear that purple lingerie, I pretty much would say its the best music video so far. Actually it is the best I've seen.

    Side Notes:
    1. I would suggest whoever uploads good vietnamese music videos in the future should have as the title:

    [V-MUSIC][Title in Vietnamese/Title in English] [Artist]

    2. Why the heck are the stages so low quality?