Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tyra Banks Coming To Vietnam for Vietnam's Next Top Model Finale!

Yup, you read it right! Tyra Banks, the founder of America's Next Top Model is coming to Vietnam to attend the finale!

170 countries around the world are now airing the Next Top Model competition; however, Vietnam is one of the few countries that Tyra Banks will be visiting :) Tyra shared that she is very excited to come to Vietnam, not only to tour around the best places of the country, but also to witness the fashion world of Vietnam!

I'm actually really excited for this because Tyra Banks has always been my favorite super model of all times.  I hope that she will be impressed with the contestants from Vietnam, this is our big chance to shine :)

The winner of last season, Huyen Trang and the runner up Tuyet Lan will also be in the show.

(Huyen Trang & Tuyet Lan)

(Huyen Trang, the winner of 2010; she's so pretty-I like her!)

At first I wasn't very impressed with the contestants from this season, but after following them for awhile, my opinions of them totally changed!  I wonder who will bring home the big prize this season o.O

(final contestants)
For more pictures and info, please visit their FACEBOOK page :)
If you'd like to watch all the episodes up until now, go HERE


  1. Wow, this is exciting. I've always been a fan of Tyra Banks. I watch her talk show all the time until it ended. I love ANTM as well. I hope she will enjoy her time in VietNam. :)

  2. Oooh...Can't believe the creator of America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks, is attending VietNam's Next Top Model! Exciting! Hope she likes what she sees in VietNam!!! :D

  3. Very interesting! Please update us on that episode!

  4. when is she coming

  5. I don't know when she's arriving to Vietnam, but she'll be at the VNTM finale on January 8th :)

    I will post about that as soon as it happens ^^