Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Most Outstanding Hot Boys-Hot Girls of 2011

As the year is coming to an end, let's gather what our hot boys/hot girls have accomplished. The following most outstanding hot boys/hot girls of 2011 were determined according to their accomplishments throughout the year by Zing!

1) Bao Tran
Le Hoang Bao Tran was born in 1998 and is now the most promising teen model.  Bao Tran's modeling career took off after winning the gold title in Teen Model 2009.  At the age of 13, she's already 1m72 (5'64)! what an incredible height for a young girl right?  Bao Tran appeared on the cover of many famous magazinse, she is also a catwalk expert.  She is not only famous in Vietnam but also in other foreign countries.

2) Anna Truong
After debuting earlier this year with her first MV "Tuoi 16", Anna Truong became quite a hit!  People love her for her youthful, charming face.  Her MV received many positive feedbacks in terms of concepts and investment.  Although her voice is not there yet, but with training, Anna Truong will be on her way to stardom soon! She does have an advantage of having famous parents; however,
 that doesn't mean Anna is not going to work hard in order to improve herself and gain audience's love.

3) Andrea
The 16 year-old half Vietnamese, half Spaniard Andrea Aybar Carmona is an up-and-rising model with the height of 1m74 (5'7).  Andrea is fluent in 3 languages: Vietnamese, Spanish, and English.  She's currently under Venus Modeling Agency.  Just like Bao Tran, Andrea had been on the cover of many famous magazines as well as  being a great catwalk model.  Besides from modeling, Andrea is currently attending Chu Van An High School in HaNoi.  Many designers and supermodels have high hopes for Andrea!

4) Midu
Although Midu had been on the downlow for 2011, it doesn't mean she hasn't been working hard.  Midu had starred in 2 dramas and 1 movie this year: Thien Than Ao Trang, Co Nang Toc Roi, and recently Thien Menh Anh Hung coming out in Tet 2012.  Midu decided to put her modeling jobs on hold to focus on her acting career.  Midu put a lot of hardwork and dedication into her role for Thien Menh Anh Hung, this will be another stepping stone for Midu and her acting career!

5) Elly Tran
Elly Tran got famous from her abnormally large breast; however, she also shows off her talents by participating in many movies including Saigon Yo! and Bong Ma Hoc Duong.  Although Elly's acting skills didn't shine through in those two movies, she scored 3 more dramas for this year! Doc Than Lam Me, Ngoc Trai, Khat Vong Thuong Luu will be aired throughout this year and onto next year. 

6) Ho Vinh Khoa
Starting out as a singer, Ho Vinh Khoa is actually more known for acting.  After taking on the lead role for Hotboy Noi Loan, Ho Vinh Khoa immediate became a name that everyone discuss about!  Taking advantage of this, Ho Vinh Khoa released 4 new songs, which are from the movie  (Lac Giua Thien Duong, Con Nhung Dem Buon, Yeu Nhau and Bao Ngay Nho Em) With the success of Hotboy Noi Loai, Ho Vinh Khoa was able to gain popularity for his singing, his songs hit thousands of views just a few days after they were released! 

Best of luck to these hotboys and hotgirls for the year 2012! Make us proud!


  1. Wow. I'm still amazed at Bao Tran's accomplishment at her age. Hopefully, she makes it big in Asia and America and then global! Oh, didn't know about Andrea and her being part Viet! Hm, I wonder if our hotboys and hotgirls is like an equavalent to uljjangs and gyarus? Go Viet Teens!!!

  2. Elly Tran is one of the hottest Vietnamese babes around. She has some very good assets to flaunt of course. Check out 70 sexy scans of Elly Tran.

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  4. LOL Andrea Aybar is not half-Vietnamese, she is full Spanish who lives in Vietnam.