Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New MV Tu Ngay Anh Di by Ho Ngoc Ha!

After waiting and waiting, Ho Ngoc Ha's Tu Ngay Anh Di's official MV has been released! 

Before the MV was out, many people hyped up the MV saying how it will be extremely intricately produced with interesting story line, amazingly beautiful settings, and Ho Ngoc Ha will be transformed into an exotic Egyptian queen! 

Before the release of the MV, Ho Ngoc Ha explained a little bit about her Egyptian queen character in the MV as she said, "The Egyptian queen symbolizes power, self-empowerment, however, when fallen in love, all the power will not be able to heal the broken love if it has been gone. Egyptian queen or a regular person, when we fall in love and out of love, we will all experience the same emotions and pain. I think the image of the Egyptian queen is the most suitable image for the song".

Now, lets watch the MV and see if it delivers what Ho Ngoc Ha has us waited for!


I don't know what others think, but the MV is a tad bit disappointing for me, especially after reading about all the hypes and promises and anticipating for an amazing MV from Ho Ngoc Ha. I personally think that the MV has very little to nothing to do with the song itself. Yes, I agree Ho Ngoc Ha looks very beautiful, her make-up is exotic, and as always, her figure has no flaws. However, from the beginning to the end, the video did not portray a love story, or anything that can guide the viewers to listen, watch and feel the powerful Egyptian queen's emotions after falling in and out of love. I think my only favorite part of this music video is the chorus when she dances with other female dancers, as for the rest, they did not leave me much impression. The rest of the video was moving very slowly..I kept on waiting for something interesting happening in the MV..waiting..and waiting..until the video ended I then realize there was no story in this MV. :/

What do you guys think?

Thank you so much for reading! Come back for more updates & stay warm :)!


  1. She looks beautiful and that is about it. But, her beauty is not enough for me to finish watching this video. I am not a fan of this song much, but I do like the beat at the beginning and the chorus. The video editing is bad as well. At 1:28, she is getting up (getting ready to dance, I think), and then at 1:35 she is sitting down again. Even an amateur like me noticed it. What are the directors/video editors being paid for? I was hoping her comeback would improve from Invincible, but I guess not. At least Invincible had a storyline.

  2. What a disappointing MV :( I agree with you, only the chorus dancing part...which is like what..3% of the video is good. I almost fell asleep watching this MV. It would have been better if there was a storyline. Vpopper is right..what are the directors being paid for? its like they don't even care about the little details..which MAKE the MV. sigh

  3. HNH totally went downhill after "Apology", this MV sucks!!! the song is not even catchy. If the song is sucky, at least make a good MV but nope! This is quite disappointing since it is from HNH. Yea, sometimes I don't understand how these directors don't see what we (as audience) are seeing -.-

  4. Her Invincible MV was just as bad, although, this one is a little more entertaining to watch than Invincible. Even though she "invested" in these MVs, it's a lot worse than other Vietnamese MV that came out using less budget to produce.

  5. She is beautiful as always but this MV's plot and dance was way off from the lyrics and music in my opinion. I agree with all the previous comments. This MV is disappointing. I still love all the costumes and makeup but nothing else makes me want come back to give this song a second try. My apology is still her best song I like. And dang can she still keep her shape after being a mom! :0

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