Monday, December 19, 2011

The Discovery of New Singers: # 3 MI-A

If you guys are familiar with the boyband 365daband, or VAA, then you might have heard of their new singer: MI-A, who recently debuted.
From what I know, MI-A has been training for  a year now under VAA (Vietnam Artist Agency).  Ngo Thanh Van said that MI-A portrays an independent girl with a tomboy touch, which resembles NTV when she first started singing.

MI-A's music will mostly contain R&B and Dance.  Ngo Thanh Van acknowledged the fact that MI-A can dance and that will make her more unique.  

MI-A shared that, "Even though I came from a well-off family, I've learned to be independent ever since I was young.  I joined a dance team to pursue my dream and to make extra money.  I'm similar with Ngo Thanh Van in a way that I'm very drastic.  2 years ago, I left my hometown and moved to Saigon (HCMC) fearing that my parents would be unhappy; luckily, I had their full support at the time.  After I got to Saigon, I see that VAA is a place where I could learn a lot from and I know that NTV is very professional therefore I submitted my application.  I patiently waited and about a month later, I was notified by VAA to come in for an audition in front of NTV.  A month after that, I was accepted into VAA's first training course from August 2010 to December 2011.  Often times I wanted to give up because I was exhausted with the training schedule to the point that I didn't even have time to sleep.  However; I decided to continue after NTV told me that "In this field, if you wanted to stay a day longer, you have to exchange every minute of your life with sweat and tears"

 MI-A first performance was at 365's first live show with her debut song "RED"
(do you guys notice that the dancer on the right kinda looks like Thu Pinkyoh from P.S.S? she recently left the group by the way :()

In order to prepare for her debut as well as MV, MI-A had famous designer Kelly Bui to design her outfit, hair was done by Cuong Hoan Le, make-up artists from Nam Trung Academy, and had the assistance of Oh Dance team.  

(She kinda resembles NTV in this picture doesn't she?)

Alrightey, are you guys ready for MI-A's first MV???????? I am!

At a first glance, I really like this MV because it looks very professional.  I also like the song since the lyrics were written by Isaac (my lover :p) Although I do have to point out that her dancing isn't as good as I thought.  From what NTV had been saying, I expected MI-A to dance better than this. I also feel that this was not a good song to debut, since she's singing in English.......! I mean, we are Vietnamese after all, she should've started singing in Vietnamese first!  One more thought...I didn't feel like this song showcase her voice much so I can't really judge her on her voice...I guess we'll just have to wait and see :) 

(VAA Family)

What do you guys think of MI-A? Do you think she has potential?  Do you think she will become big??? Please share!!!

If you're interested in MI-A, do check out her FACEBOOK page :)


  1. Lol, I think she looks like Dong Nhi. It's the face frame and eyes.
    Ahhh! Isaac wrote the lyrics to this song. <3
    Honestly, I dont think it's that bad. It sounds like she's saying reG instead of reD, but, it's fine because I think her pronunciation throughout the song is good. Although I do agree with you. I think it would be better if she debuted with a Viet song.
    I find the chorus pretty catchy. I might find myself humming along to this song unexpectedly. :)
    Of course there are some improvements to be made, but she's too new so I won't criticize her just yet. I don't think this song did a good job of showcasing her voice, so I'll just wait. Her dancing is not bad, but it definately needs improvement. Wow, I didn't know Thu Pinkyoh was a VAA trainee. I think she should of stayed.

    .. BTW, has anyone seen the dislike for this video on Youtube? Gosh, I hate the Youtube system.. people abuse their rights so much. Youtube should be like Facebook and only have a "like" button. I know people have different opinions, but seriously? If a kpop singer sang this song, it would be a different story.
    And look at a comment I came across on Youtube:
    "1. Cái logo hình kim tự tháp đạo 2NE1
    2. MV đạo Fire, Can't nobody, Follow me của 2NE1
    3. Tạo hình bắt chước CL và HuynA mặc dù mập ú và lùn xủn
    => ANTI"

    Seriously? I got more of a Rihanna vibe from her. :O Since when did 2ne1 own the pyramid?
    Is their hope for these people? -.-

  2. @ Vpopper : Oh, I meant Thu Pinkyoh left P.S.S, she was never a trainee at VAA ^^ Anyways, I'm kinda sad that she left cuz I really think she has potential. But I guess she decided to quit the group to go back to school and focus on dancing.

  3. A good song to listen to. I really like the lyrics and the meaning! Didn't knew Issac write lyrics! She is quite fierce in the MV. She does remind me of Ngo Thanh Van in some angle. Vocal and dance improvements isn't a bad idea. Why let her debut in english? I think MiA needs to convince and capture the viet audience's support first before she even think of going global or international. Is NTV thinking way too far ahead or is this part of her VAA plan/strategy? The MV did give me a 2ne1 and rihanna vibe, but that's not a bad thing. Right? Kpop fans are getting out of control these days with all the unnecessary comments bashing on other country's music. Their comments aren't even helpful to the artists or singers. Anyways, OMG! Thu Pinkyoh left PSS??? When?? She is my fav in PSS. Oh well. I wish MiA and Thu Pinkyoh the best in their career! :)Thx 4 the update!