Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Promising Vietnamese Ancient Movie "Thien Menh Anh Hung"

We don't typically talk much about Vietnamese movies or dramas because not that many people are interested or know enough Vietnamese to watch these, but we do like to share some of the movies that we think could be promising; such as "Thien Menh Anh Hung"

This movie caught my attention because Midu is in it.  I've always liked Midu, she's very pretty and I think her acting is pretty decent too.  Although "Thien Menh Anh Hung" is not the first ancient Vietnamese movie, but it is the first one with an interesting storyline (in my opinion).  

"Thien Menh Anh Hung" is directed by director Victor Vu, with the help of Johnny Tri Nguyen for the martial arts portion.  This movie also stars many well-known actors such as: Huynh Dong (as Nguyen Vu), Midu (As Hoa Xuan), Van Trang (as Tuyen Tu Thai Hau), Khuong Ngoc (as Tran Tong Quan), Minh Thuan (As Su Phu), Kim Hien (as Hoa Ha), etc...  This movie is produced by Phuong Nam Films and Saiga Films; it will be released during Tet in Vietnam (hopefully overseas too ^^)

(Van Trang)

(Minh Thuan)

(Huynh Dong)

(Khuong Ngoc)

"Thien Menh Anh Hung" is derived from a fiction novel called "Buc Huyet Thu" by Bui Anh Tuan.   It is a story of the characters after the massacre case of Le Vien Chi (Le Dynasty). Nguyen Trai was the only one survived. Nguyen Vu is Nguyen Trai's grandson who was only 5 years old at the time. The boy was taken away to avoid the evil Queen who wanted to kill him.  This works in the Queen's favor becaue it resulted in the Queen's 2 year old son Le Nhan Tong taking over as a young Emperor for the Le Dynasty.

16 years later, the hidden boy turned into a handsome young man, now 21 years old.  Tran Nguyen Vu is now strong, tough, and good at martial arts. After following his master for many years, Nguyen Vu finally found out his real identity and decided to go "down the mountain" to experience a fascinating and dangerous world in order to avenge his family

"Thien Menh Anh Hung" will showcase how Nguyen Vu avenge his family, and how he meets the beautiful Hoa Xuan along the way.  

Does the storyline sound interesting to you guys?  I don't know about you, but I'm very interested.  I grew up watching TVB's dramas so it will be interesting to see how good this movie is compared to TVB's ancient movies; which in my opinion, is phenomenon.  


Seems like they crew have chosen the right settings, I just hope that the actors can deliver this story well enough with their acting skills.  I'm excited for it to be released and hopefully it doesn't disappoint us :)

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  1. TVB ancient series rules! However, this ancient movie looks awesome! I'm Excited! I love ancient series and the kungfu and the flying and the amazing customs! Interestng plot but hopefully it won't be disappointing. I hope this Movie along with future ancient series would be just as good as the chinese ones! :D