Friday, December 2, 2011

The Discovery of New Bands #2: B.Sily

We usually listen to bands from the South, but let's not forget the incredible bands from the North; that's right, I'm talking about B.Sily :)

B.Sily is a newly formed band from Ha Noi, consisted of 3 girls: Emily, Hanh Sino, and Huyen Baby. Guess where the name of the band came from? ^^ These girls are no stranger.  Emily participated in Miss Audition in 2007 and performed as a solo artist here and there.  Both Hanh Sino and Huyen Baby were contestants from Miss Teen a few years ago.

 (Emily, 10/18/1989, Miss Audition 2007, Vocalist, Rapper)

 (Hanh Sino, 5/12/1990, Miss Teen-Most Talented 2008, Leader, Main Vocalist)

(Huyen Baby, 10/22/1989, Top 12 Miss Teen 2008, Vocalist )

I ran across there first MV awhile ago; and thought they're just amaziiiingggg! not only do they have the looks, they also have the voice! 

They're basically the hottest girlband in Ha Noi right now.  There aren't that many mainstream girlband in Hanoi so they don't have much competition, but I'm sure they can take on any competitor with their well-trained voices and sexy dance moves!

Let's check out their first MV-Du Em Van Biet

I absolutely love this song as well as their voices!  Hanh Sino has a very strong voice, Huyen Baby has a clear and soft voice, Emily can take on the lower notes very well! Although I do feel that this MV could be a little better ^^ But good job on the very first MV girls!

Here is a clip of them doing dance practice:

They can sure dance right? I see a great future ahead for them :)

Check out one of their on-stage performances:

For their upcoming project, they will be switching to Electric Pop instead of Ballad, in which Emily will get to show off her rapping skill :) 

They will let us know as soon as this project is completed

Here are some of their daily life pictures:

Performing pictures:

If you like what you see, please support them by liking their FB fan page here

UPDATE: Here is the master version of No Love No Pain


  1. They are pretty pretty. I've first found them on YouTube at Vietchannel. Their voice sounds good but I expected them to debut with a pop song, based on their sexy pilot gold chain outfit. Lolz. I'll keep a watch on them. Thanks for the awesome recommendations admin! I guess from now on, I'll just read your recommendations instead of sharing mine. :D

  2. @ Chuonie: Thank you for always following and sharing your thoughts, and most importantly, sharing your recommendations on new artists/bands! Please continue to do so so we can all be acknowledged of & follow new artists' music & projects!!! :)